sanjay pandit by anup prakash of wave magazine

sanjay pandit by anup prakash of wave magazine

Sanjay floating on air © Anup Prakash dai

It’s not every day you see in the newspaper that someone is about to run 200 km from Jiri to Kathmandu. It caught my eye, – who was this guy? Then again some time later he was due to run another hilly 161 km from Kathmandu to Gorkha to raise awareness about the effect of climate change on the Himalaya and was in the news again. Recently we invited him to the Annapurna 100 race but it turns out he’s due to to run 400 km somewhere early next year.

Through his running, as Sanjay tells Republica, “…I want to make my country proud across the whole world.”

I look forward to seeing Sanjay join some trail races in 2011. Good luck with the long run Sanjay!

Read a little background here:

Run Sanjay Run – Wave Magazine, Feb 2009

  • 2011, January 13 – Khasa to Kathmandu – 127 km (10h 30m)
  • 2010, September 28 – Kathmandu to Gorkha – 161 km (20h 35m)
  • 2010, May 16 – Jiri to Kathmandu – 200 km (27h)
  • 2009, Swagadwari (Pyuthan) to Kathmandu – 339 km (47h 20m)
  • 2009, Kathmandu (stadium) to Nagakot times 20 = 25 km x 20 = 500 km – (~70 hours!)
  • 2009, Kathmandu to Dachinkali times 28 = 28 x 25 km = 700 km – (~97 hours!)
  • 2009, Dang to Pyuthan 101 km (9h 36m)

Also see TV coverage from his run to Gorkha in 2010:

Running CV

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