Sep 14, 2024

Manaslu Fast Pack

203.16 km/126.23 miles in 9 stage(s)
D+/-: +13,741m
Max elev. Max Elevation: 5134m
Sep 21, 2024

Sindhupalchowk International trail race 2024

Single day race; Trail races in Nepal; Ultra Trail;
60 km / 28 km in 1 stage(s)
D+/-: ~3500m
Max elev. 1700m
Oct 5, 2024

YETI MARATHON 2024 – 42 km, 21 km, 10 km

Nepal Trail Half Marathon; Nepal Trail marathon;
42, 21, 10 km in 1 stage(s)
D+/-: -2800m
Max elev. 5145m
Oct 5, 2024

Nepal trail running + wellness retreat with Mira Rai 2024

Running camps in Nepal; Training camps;
n/a in 5 stage(s)
D+/-: n/a
Max elev. 9000ft
Oct 18, 2024


Multi-day / stage-races; Trail races in Nepal; Training camps;
60 km in 6 stage(s)
D+/-: 1000m
Max elev. 1500m
Oct 18, 2024

Wild Kanchenjunga to Makalu Skydance [fastpack]

Fastpacking; Training camps;
~170km in 15 stage(s)
D+/-: Lots
Max elev. ~5000m
Nov 1, 2024

Solukhumbu Trail 2024

Multi-day / stage-races; stage race; Trail races in Nepal;
280 km in 17 stage(s)
D+/-: D+ 16,755m / D- 17,573m
Max elev. 5360m
Nov 9, 2024

Manaslu Trail Race

Multi-day / stage-races; stage race; Trail races in Nepal;
140 km + 2 x 21 km hiking in 7 stage(s)
D+/-: 10700m
Max elev. 4400m
Nov 9, 2024

Over the Clouds Ultra 80 km, Mountain Half-Marathon & Fun Run 7 km 2024

Single day race; Trail races in Nepal;
80 km, 55 km, 21 km, 10 km & 5 km in 1 stage(s)
D+/-: TBA
Max elev. TBA
Nov 11, 2024

Everest Trail Race 2024

Multi-day / stage-races; stage race;
160 in 6 stage(s)
D+/-: 10,000
Max elev. 4100
Nov 18, 2024

Impact Marathon Nepal 2024

Single day race;
10, 21, 42 km in 1 stage(s)
D+/-: up to +/- 2000m
Max elev. 2300 m
Nov 24, 2024

Capital To Country Multi Day Ultra

Multi-day / stage-races; stage race; Trail races in Nepal;
193 km in 5 stage(s)
D+/-: 10000m
Max elev. 2900m
Dec 7, 2024

Fishtail Race 2024 (TBC)

Nepal Trail Half Marathon; Nepal Trail marathon; Single day race; Trail races in Nepal; Ultra Trail;
42, 21, 5 km in 1 stage(s)
D+/-: 1500m
Max elev. 2000m
Mar 1, 2025

Stupa to Stupa Trail Ultra Marathon

Nepal Trail marathon; Single day race; Trail races in Nepal; Ultra Trail;
54 km in 1 stage(s)
D+/-: +/-2000m
Max elev. 2100m
Mar 29, 2025

Mustang Trail Race 2025

Multi-day / stage-races;
~170km in 8 stage(s)
D+/-: +/-8200m
Max elev. ~4250m
Sep 14, 2025

Everest Fastpack (Part of World Fastpack Series)

131k/82mi in 11 stage(s)
D+/-: 7,584m/24,875ft
Max elev. 5,601m/18,376ft
Nov 9, 2025

Manaslu Trail Race 2025

Multi-day / stage-races; stage race; Trail races in Nepal;
140 km + 2 x 21 km hiking in 7 stage(s)
D+/-: 10700m
Max elev. 4400m
  1. Jacqui Howard says:

    Hi, I will be in Nepal from 3-27th Nov and I was hoping to do some trail running in Kathmandu or outside if there are any events on. I am thinking about 3 hrs max per day. If you have anything suitable or can recommend a club/ guide that would be great.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Susan Nowell says:

    Hi! I am writing an article to feature a diverse group of international stage races and would love to learn more about your race. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.


    • Bruno says:

      Hi Everyone and Susan.

      We’re releasing Today the first virtual race that sync automatically the runs to create a final valid leaderboard. We have partenered with Oxfam Intermón and 100% of donations will go to them to support Nepal. After a few months we still need to collaborate.

      If you want to know further do not hesitate to contact us at


  3. Diana Penny Sherpani says:

    Can you include the (original) Everest Marathon on your Races in Nepal page? After all, we were the very first trail race to be organised in Nepal (since 1987)!
    Date Nov 27, 2017 (entries for race only not permitted)
    Race name Everest Marathon
    Distance/stages 42km in 1 stage
    Altitude 5184m – 3446m (max alt during trek 5623m)
    Charity race supporting 6 Nepalese NGOs

    • thehalfhog says:

      No, just running long stages together (or at your own pace), carrying some/much of your equipment yourself.

  4. Raghubendra says:

    In Nepal, why only marathon run event is conducted from time to time.. Why not any other sorts of athletics events like short races, hurdles, high jump, throw events and so on. If events are conducted why there is no advertisement for it. Dont Nepal want to put their emerging athletes in front of world?

    i hope to get reply soon.
    Thank you.

      • Wangda Sherpa says:

        Pikey-Demba Trail Race 2018
        About Pikey-Demba Trail Race 2018 (First Edition)
        The Pikey-Demba Trail Race is a challenging multi-stage trail race passing through
        some of Nepal’s most beautiful Himalayas landscapes in a part-circumnavigation
        of Mt. Everest,Mt. Gaurishanker, the world’s highest mountain and holy
        mountaoin.Gaurishanker is holy mountain of Hindus and Buddhist.Running in
        Nepal,there are many great places to run in the world but Nepal has a magic mix of
        elements which make it an unforgettable running destination for many runners and
        race organisers.Pikey-Demab trail race is one of the newly explored race of lower
        Everest region.
        Trail race has been emerging trend in Nepal whether that be in towns or remotest
        area of the country. Every year, trail race organized in the various customized
        manner to suit the specific location or to suit the specific target audience. trail
        race in Everest and lower Everest region have been especially successful and
        popular both among foreign and local professional runners due to the extremity
        and international renown involved and immediate highlight they bring to the
        winners, the endurance test of the participants and a new sense of achievement and
        experience they offer to the participants and organizers both. Inspired by all these
        successes, it was decided that the First Pikey-Demba trail race carries equal worthy
        while being more accessible to the locals due to proximity to the local participants.
        Trekker Nepal and Sherpa Land Trekking & Expedition aims to provide muchneeded
        support to the people of this area such a promote as a tourist destination for
        locally and internationally to provide them with opportunities to move
        forward.Both organizations are involve adventure tourism sector long while. We
        are promoting and explore new destination around the Nepal.
        The basic program of the trail race will be like this: Arrive Pikey and stay
        overnight there and in the morning run a half trail race to Khiji through the
        beautiful narrow pastureland covered on both sides by alpine vegetation along the
        Pikey-Demba ridge. It will be logistically challenging due to the fact that runners
        will be staying overnight at pikey but runners can enjoy the magnificent views of
        the Himalayas all around on 180 degree. We the organizers of this trail race were
        involved one way or another in the fest.
        Runners from all walks of life take part in this event – from highly professionals to
        new runners and amtures . Pikey-Demba Trail Race is not just a running event – it
        is truly a once in a life time experience and support for backwards communities
        health camp.
        The race commences 27th,28th and 29th November 2018 in Pikey-Demba and end
        Khijiphalate Bazaar of Okhaldhunga.
        The purposes of Event:

        • To promote the area nationally and internationally
        • To promote adventure sports tourism to lower Everest region.
        • The first-ever program of the kind. To participate youth in the area in max.
        • Local crafts and businesses promotion
        • The participants will enjoy splendid views around on the trail. The after
        event videos will be a big promotion.
        • The participation of recognized and famous athletes and dignitaries both
        local and international expected.
        Trail Race-Itinerary
        Day 1 Kathmandu to Jhapre by jeep 2815 m stay overnight at Jhapre
        Day 2 Trek to Pikey base camp 5 hrs 3585 m and stay overnight at there
        Day 3 Early morning wake up and hike up for 45 m to the top of the Pikey peak
        4200 m( with the clear view of high mountains of eastern and western part of
        Nepal: Majestic Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri,Numbur,
        Gaurisankar and many more )back to the base camp for breakfast. After breakfast
        will get ready for half marathon to Khijee phalate (2100m)
        The Location (Route)
        The plan goes like this: Camp overnight at Pikey and early in the morning run half
        marathon to Khiji Bajar. The route of the race follows along the beautiful summer
        pasture between Pikey (4100 m) and Demba (3150 m) then climb down to
        Chuplung Banjhyang ( ……… m) and Finish at Khiji Bajar (2500 m).
        Pikey is a hill-top located approximately at the centre of major populated areas of
        Solukhumbu and okhaldhunga district. Pikey has many identities as a hill top
        offering splendid views of mountains (such as Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga,
        Lhotse, Nuptse and many others) and scenery, as a holy hill, as a summer pasture
        slope for local yak herders, as an important point on the way to pass for travelers
        and several other identities. These factors have made Pikey an important
        destination for travelers even from far and wide including foreign tourists. The hill
        has been playing important role as a yak and chauri gai pasture, pilgrim site for
        both hindus and Buddhists, the nearest sunpate growing area for people of Solu
        and Okhaldhunga- important for the locals around for daily rituals, and place of
        annual Rangge festival.
        Pikey to demba hill ridge route is famous among travelers as a very pleasant and
        gentle walk along the open narrow strip of pasture land sandwiched between
        beautiful forest of rhododendron and coniferous plants. Recently, Nepal
        government has been investing in cheese industry to add economic value to the
        milk production of the region. Towards the South-West of Pikey, Demba at the end
        of Pikey-Demba hill ridge is believed to be one of the best places for scenery
        viewing. Recently, Thole-Demba festival to promote local and international
        tourism in this region was organized at this point with a great success last year.
        The end point of the Trail race, Khiji Bazar is a small market settlement famous for
        its Wednesday market which has now grown into a small town and population is
        steadily growing over the years. In addition to its economic legacy among locals,
        the place has now evolved into an administrative and cultural heart of the place.
        Organizer: Trekker Nepal Pvt.Ltd and Sherpa Land Trekking & Expedition.

  5. Navya Upadhyay says:

    Nice blog full of information, I would love to come up there and run, This time, it was my first time in Kathmandu and would love to check out some trails. I am so much excited about this “ULTRA TRAIL RACE & EVENTS”.Thanks for sharing this blog.

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