[Reposted article by Shashwat Pant from Online Khabar. The Manjushree Trail Race is longest of many trail races happening in Nepal.] When a group of Nepali runners started assisting foreigners who ran the Kathmandu valley rim, a 100-mile-long trail that goes around the hills surrounding Kathmandu valley, around 2018, little did they know that they were […]

Published by Ashutosh Tiwari on his Facebook page. 7 August 2015 at 20:27 CURIOSITY SERIES V:  5 QUESTIONS TO RICHARD BALL Richard, a long-time friend of Nepal, is the man who popularized trail running in this country. ASHU: We’ve heard of running in general and of marathons. But what is this trail running? How is […]

For this varied audience just a note about what Skyrunning is. The name is gives a big clue, and as another has put it, “Skyrunning is the brave and burly cousin of trail running.” There are rules about what makes a Skyrunning course, but essentially it means running on trails at high altitudes with a […]

Thanks to Asia Trail Magazine and Matt Moroz for allowing us to republish this article from the Mustang Trail Race. You can download in PDF format by clicking the image below, or simply read the text version below. Asia Trail is a magazine focusing on trail running in Asia, surprisingly enough! A great read and […]

Sudip Kulung finishes 4th in world-class field in the Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon in Sabah, Malayasia Kota Kinabulu, Sabah, Malaysia – Sunday 23rd October 2011 Nepali trail runner Sudip Kulung from Gudel in Solukhumbu made history today. Competing against a world-class field in the 25th Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon in Malayasia, considered the world’s toughest […]

It’s not the New York Times, but it is quite an influential magazine for youth in Nepal (at least around the Kathmandu area.) So we’re happy they asked us if they could publish the good news about Sudip Rai and trail running in general in Nepal. It’s just a short article but, given that very little is […]