Please get in touch with us through our contact form below or if you have a general question which you think others maybe interested in knowing the answer to, then please drop it on the feedback page. We’ll do our best to answer any of your questions about Nepal, trail running here or anything else for that matter.

  1. Pramod Khatiwada says:

    Great job guys and you have great information. I think I spoke to one of the organising guy in Radisson during GHT press release. I am in Melbourne, Australia and run a travel agency. I would love to keep in touch and also be authorised ticketing agent for the events.

  2. Magar Thapa says:

    Is there any photos and videos of Annapurna 100k 2012, please try your best to put in the web site so that we could see and can attract much and more runners around the world in coming future events…..Cheers and congratulation for all Nepalese winners of Annapurna 50/70/100K …your guys are great and best of the best….tough of the toughest……….But its very sad that news media of Nepal did not bring forward such great news…….still most of the Nepalese are unknown about this….shame on you Nepal's news media………Magar Thapa

  3. silas says:

    Dear Sir/madm

    Am Silas Kiprop from Eldoret Kenya and I would like your club to invite me to your club for the training . I do train ad from 10k 12k and 21k.. thank you so much.

    Silas Kiprop

  4. Rachael Woolston says:

    Urgent email – hi there
    I’m writing an article for the above UK based magazine about the explosion of ultra running in Nepal and India and on whether, the country will produce the next series of ultra running champions.
    I’m urgently looking to chat to someone for some quotes for the piece about how the scene has grown, what kind of people are getting involved, restrictions on racing for Nepalis etc.
    Would you be available to Skype or FaceTime this week?
    I look forward to hearing from you asap.
    Best wishes

  5. Priscilla Achur says:

    I will be in Kathmandu from March 15 to March 18 and would like to hire Upendra or another runner to accompany me in trail runnings. I am a triathlete (amateur) but have no experience with trail running.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Pradip Rai says:

    Could you advise as to which topo maps are compatible with Garmin GPSMap 64S, please? I shall be setting off on the GHT fairly soon so your swift reply would be much appreciated. Thank you, Pradip Rai

    • Alex Conty says:

      Hi Pradip, I am also looking at the GHT and was wondering which route you are looking for and from where to where you are planning the route?
      It would be great to hear from you – here is my email address – contyalex at g mail . com
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      All the best in your preparations.


  7. Stefan Utke says:

    Dear Trail Running Nepal-Team,

    your Webside is very interesting and looks good.

    We, schulz sporteisen / schulz aktiv reisen, a german tour operator for running-trips and trekking tours developed a new Trail Running-Trip.
    The Annapurna Circuit Trailrun.
    With an Nepali guide and a group of fantastic porters and runners, we will carry it out in November 2016 for the first time. As we speak german and fluent english (and our guide fluent nepali) we are still looking for more participants.
    All informations:

    If you are interested about further informations, I am happy to get in direct contact with you.

    Happy Trail Running!
    Best regards to Nepal,

    Stefan Utke
    tel.: +49 351 266 25 23


    Dear Trail Running Nepal-Team,

    Could you tell me if Annapurna 100 or Annapurna Ultra Mountain III 2016 are still ongoing for 2016?

    Best regards

  9. vinod adhikari says:

    dear all..

    how to register for Kathmandu ultra marathon? to whom should I contact for more?

  10. Corrado De Rocco says:

    We are organizers of Dolomiti Extreme Trail in Italy
    We are interested in working with you to promote our trail and your sporting activities in Nepal.
    We would also invite some strong Nepali trail runner by us in June 2017.
    Are waiting for good news from you.
    Thank you very much
    Corrado DXT Team

  11. Ben mayo says:

    Dear Sir/madam,

    I am travelling to Nepal, specifically Kathmandu and the surrounding areas from the 08/03/2017 – 23/03/2017.

    I am very excited to visit Nepal for the first time and I would love to spend some time running the trails surrounding Kathmandu. As it is my first time and was keen to get some pointers/ guidance on the best places to go.

    all the best,


  12. Stefan says:

    I just read Michael Collins’ trip report about crossing the Ganja La. We’re planning on crossing the pass this year and there’s a couple of questions I’d like to ask Michael. Is there a way you can get me through to him via eMail?


  13. Colleen says:


    Glad I have found you! I am searching for a place I can find proper running shoes in Pokhara. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  14. Max says:


    looking for a week or two trail running camp this summer. Kindly contact me, I am flexible time-wise.
    Best, Max

    • thehalfhog says:

      Summer is not the best time. But click the guides image on the home page and send in an email and then everyone who is able can reply to you.

  15. Pratik Rajkarnikar says:

    Hello there,
    I am Pratik Rajkarnikar an event organizer of Himalayan Rush Triathlon race that takes place in Himalayan foothills of Nepal. I was not able to post a article about our triathlon race is your website. I hope you could help me with that.
    Himalayan Rush is an annual adrenaline-filled destination triathlon that takes place in Begnas Lake, Pokhara – the only triathlon organized in the Himalayan foothills. By combining the thrill of trail running, cycling and fresh water swimming with the breathtaking view of the Himalayas surrounding Pokhara, we strive to give each participant a uniquely Nepali experience, sense of achievement and adventure among local participants. 
    From the first edition in 2012 with only 30 participants, to the sixth in 2017 with 100 plus participants, we have gained popularity among both national and international communities. Though the participation number is small, it is a specialty triathlon that has gained accolades from across the world. The seventh edition in March 31, 2018 looks set to be the biggest yet with an estimated 250 participants.
    Furthermore you can find our website and Facebook link below.

    I look forward to listing our event in your calendar aswell. 

    Have a good day!

  16. Tara says:

    Hello Namaste sir/Madam,

    I would like to hire to satellite phone, if cost is cheap i would like to buy 2 phone . I have own trekking agency call Nepal Hiking Trek which help my client so good. Please help me cost detail.

  17. Paul Thompson says:

    I’m in Kathmandu for a few days for work staying at the Radisson. I’m an elite masters runner who runs road, XC and trail. I hope to meet with some runners if I can on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

  18. Ade Kent says:


    I liked your site and you may be able to assist me.

    I am running 100 miles on each continent within one year and Nepal is on the list, so I would appreciate any assistance for running solo 100 miles in the best and most realistic location in Nepal please?


    Ade Kent

    • thehalfhog says:

      Send some information and pictures, we put on the site. Let us know which Nepal athletes are racing also please?

  19. Julia Hirsch says:

    Greetings from Tricycle Magazine! We’re a NY-based Buddhist publication with a circulation of approximately 50,000 (

    I came across Mira Rai’s incredible running career through the BANFF Mountain Film Festival, and would very much like to get in touch with her to discuss her life and running career. We’d like to feature a profile interview with Mira in Tricycle’s Summer 2018 print issue.

    If you could put me in touch with her, or pass along her contact information so that I can reach out directly, that would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks so much,

  20. Tulasi Maya Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation says:

    Dear Rechard
    Greetings from Tulasi Maya Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation Nepal

    Tulasi Maya Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation is running anti cancer campaigns since 2010. Next year on February 4 we want to organize cancer awareness marathon on the occasion of World Cancer Day. How can we do collaboration with your team? Please write us. Many many greetings to your entire team.

  21. BRAGA says:

    Hello, some time ago you had Nepal running trail running.
    Is’t possible to get two ?

    Thank you very much

  22. Saroj Tamang says:

    I wanted a Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest 3.0 that a runner wears during the race to carry water and his stuff. Do anyone have an idea where I can buy it here in Kathmandu?

  23. Howard Dengate says:

    My wife and I have just trekked from Shivalaya to Lukla via the Numbur Cheese Circuit, the Dudh Kund Circuit and onwards to Lukla direct from Saharsbeni. On the last leg, through some very wild country, there were both red and blue markers which we were told were put there for two separate ultramarathons, but I cannot find any details about these two races. Can you tell me where I can find more details about these races please as I make public my free tracknotes that are very popular.

    Thank you

    Dr Howard Dengate, Australia

  24. Jesse Lust says:


    I’m trying to get some information about the upcoming Stupa to Stupa race on the 16th March. I would like to confirm my registration and confirm start times as well as race pack pick up times and location? The race website does. It seem to be currently working. Any assistance much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Jesse Lust

  25. Lucy Draper says:


    I was wondering if there was any footage of Mira Rai running her first ever ultramarathon, when she took part in the 50km Himalayan Outdoor Festival race you guys organised? I believe it was 2013 or maybe 2014.

    Thank you!


  26. Paulina says:

    Hello Trail Running Nepal
    I am registered for the Annapurna 100 and was talking with the organizer about getting the ACAP and TIMS permits ahead of the race to do some hiking. This was agreed, but no I haven’t got any news for three months and the race is coming up.
    Thanks for the reply

  27. Gonzalo says:

    Sorry, we are going to be in Nepal one month more.

    So, if it’s possible get the T-shirt in Kathmandu will be super nice.

    Thanks Richard and Lizzy.

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