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Bed’s from Ramechhap close to Samir Tamang’s home. Together they worked hard after the earthquake earlier this year to help their villages to get immediate shelter and medical attention.

Bed’s never really had a shot at the big time, but has had some good results, for instance 2nd in the inaugural UTWT 100km at the HK Vibram 100, a good HK Oxfam Trail Walker team result, and has had a couple of wins in China, recently at the Asian Mountain Racing Challenge 2015 organised by China Mountaineering Association in Guizhou.

Samir Tamang always puts Bed forward for the hilly stuff. It’s his forte. He’s super excited to try his first vertical kilometre race in Hong Kong in December 2015.

bed sunuwar nepal

Second at the UTWT inaugural event, the HK Vibram 100


Bed Bahadur Sunuwar

© Anuj Adhikary – Winning a 27km event at the Kathmandu Ultra

Running CV

2015 Dec.12Hong KongThe North Face Hong Kong 50km1st
2015 Dec.06Hong KongMSIG Lantau 50km3rd
2015 Dec.05Hong KongMSIG Lantau VK3rd
2014 Jan.032014Nepal8th Annapuma 100 (100km)2nd
2014 May.05ChinaDali Ultra 50km1st
2014 Feb.02Hong KongVibram Hong Kong 100km2nd
2012 Sep.15Hong KongOXFAM Hong Kong TrailWalker 80km3rd
2012 Jan.01Nepal6th Annapurna 100k-50k3rd
2011 Apr.04Behyul Hyolmo Marathon1st
2011 Jan.01Nepal5th Annapuma 100 (100km)5th
2010 Nepal25 Davos Swiss Alpine 79 km Marathon26th
2010 Oct.10Nepal1st Everest Ultra Race 65 km2nd
2009 Nepal4th Annapurna 100 (70 km)8th

Congratulations Bed!