Thanks a lot for your contribution. The funds just cover the raw costs to help runners fulfil their potential. As one sponsor like you said about Bed and Bishnu in Hong Kong:

It changes lives. I smiled at your post asking for someone to forward Bishnu’s podium pic to her mother. Her mother doesn’t know where Hong Kong is yet someone in the village has internet. All progress. It must have been Bishnu’s first time to see the sea. Would love to know her reaction. They both look so happy in all the photos. Good investment!

Thank you and hope you enjoy following their progress!

  1. dave says:

    heres $50 for Mira
    see if you can find out what sort of heart rate monitor she would like
    or anything else like shoes etc
    ill see what I can do

    • thehalfhog says:

      Thank you Dave, this is really kind of you. Mira is currently well provided for as she has a Suunto watch already and Salomon are provide kit. There are several others looking for the chance of support who never had it before and I am sure Mira would be happy to pass it on to one of her running sisters if ok with you.

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