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  1. Hugh says:


    I’m a runner from San Francisco visiting Kathmandu, Nepal from May 24 until the 31st. Looking for a running buddy / guide. I’m good for anything up to 25 miles. Would love to explore but reports here are gangs / robbers / Mao-contents are molesting / robbing / kidnapping / Mao-aligning tourists. Suggestions?



  2. Jason A says:

    I am coming to Nepal in 2 weeks (May2 – May 11) and was hoping to do a long loop from Jiri up to Thame, across Renjo Pass and back down…

    I”d love to discuss this loop with someone!

    I look forward to hearing from you,


    Antinj (at) gmail

  3. Heather O says:


    I will be in Kathmandu for six weeks starting Sept. 16th and I’m looking for a running group/buddy to train with. I am currently running about 30-40 miles per week (around 6 miles/10k per day), but I hope to work up to 50 or 60 miles per week. Do you have any suggestions for who I should contact?



  4. Lori says:

    Hello! I was interested in coming over for one of the stage trail races! I’ve considered the manaslu vs the Himalayan 100mile stage race. Could you give an opinion on route, scenery, difficulty, support, etc between the two? Thanks!

  5. Kim Spence says:

    I am looking to do the Everest Marathon in November 2017 but if the Khatmandu Ultra Trail race is a week after Everest then I would be looking to stay out and do this too. Do you have any provisional dates for this yet and if not when will you be releasing them?

    Kind Regards


  6. zairin says:


    I’m Zairin, event organizer for Annapurna Mountain Marathon. Just launch the event few days ago & would like to know how can the event be listed in this website. Thanks!

    • thehalfhog says:

      Congratulations! Please do invite some Nepali runners to compete in your race, and are free as an organiser to donate to the trail runner travel fund which has helped runners like Mira Rai, Bhim Gurung etc!
      Send pictures and text to and we will get it on the site.

  7. Sarah Marshall says:

    Vlad Morozov is setting off on a 1000km solo and unassisted run across Nepal this September. He is planning to complete the challenge inside 3 months and he is fundraising for Nepal Youth Foundation UK in the process. He has never visited Nepal before and has planned his route from satalite mapping and old Chinese military maps. Any advice or assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Howard Dengate says:

    My wife and I have just trekked from Shivalaya to Lukla via the Numbur Cheese Circuit, the Dudh Kund Circuit and onwards to Lukla direct from Saharsbeni. On the last leg, through some very wild country, there were both red and blue markers which we were told were put there for two separate ultramarathons, but I cannot find any details about these two races. Can you tell me where I can find more details about these races please as I make public my free tracknotes that are very popular.

    Thank you

    Dr Howard Dengate, Australia

  9. anne says:

    Jack and I are doing Everest BC in October this year from 11th to the 23rd , then staying in the Kathmandu area for an extra week … We are both keen runners and would love to do a trail run during that time
    Could you please help on how to go about it ? Last year we ran Kilimanjaro Half Marathon after the climb
    Many thanks for your help
    Anne Jack

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