We open this campaign to see if we can help Bishnu Maya approach 2016 with a plan and money to train & compete properly. The return on your investment in her will be enjoying her super laugh, seeing Nepal’s flag hopefully on a few podiums next year. We’ll keep you informed with all the good news we can.

So far...Thanks to: Matt IngramAnon anonNomura YasukoLizzy HawkerBelcher LloydMark BrightwellChandra PunLhadup MoktanMarco ChirdelKris SolteszTenzing WangduTite TogniRoy & Jennie Morrison and Ger & Penny Oostrum-SchramGreg PlayfootElias BerningSheila Bull, for donating a total of ~US$1,729.

Fund closed! Update: Bishnu Maya went on to join the Nepal Army. Some of this money was used for her and the remainder placed in a fund to help other runners from Bishnu Maya’s running club.

Bishnu Maya is a good endurance athlete and she will only improve with some clear targets to aim for and some focused coaching to be at her best for races. She’s just 18 (or 19) and from a place that Nepalis call remote, Jumla. this is a great opportunity for her to develop, to see a little of the world, to learn and maybe win a little prize money to take home. (Though running is certainly not an easy way to win money, and still few races offer it.) As a girl from Jumla, opportunities are very limited. Clearly running is a good opportunity for her to achieve something for herself, and to make her community and country proud.


Bishnu Maya Budha reviewing bloody knee from fall between CP2 and CP3

Bishnu Maya Budha reviewing bloody knee from fall between CP2 and CP3

So for 2016, let’s see if we can give Bishnu Maya a small but regular monthly income to be able to focus on her training & nutrition, replace worn out shoes, and be able to have some certainty for the coming year. This worked for Mira. I propose something like this:

  • Monthly training salary
  • 3 pairs of shoes (if possible)
  • Two times travel home to Jumla Bazar.

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This is now closed!

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Lhadup Moktan09.12.2015PayPal-US$25$ 1.28
Marco Chirdel13.12.2015PayPal-US$75$ 4.2
Kris Soltesz14.12.2015PayPal-US$50$ 2.2
Tenzing Wangdu14.12.2015PayPal-US$3 0.42
Tite Togni14.12.2015PayPal-US$100$ 4.2
Roy & Jennie Morrison and Ger & Penny Oostrum-Schram26.12.2015PayPal-US$200$ 7.1
Greg Playfoot18.01.2016PayPal-US$314$ 17
Elias Berning28.01.2016PayPal-US$109.1$ 4.1
Sheila Bull28.01.2016PayPal-US$32.8$ 2
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Huge thanks to all donors! You're lovely people!'

So that is about US$ 1798.45 in total