We recently sent out a newsletter to around 220 people who’d signed up for it. That’s not too bad given that our website has not been up in the air so long. So far not very interesting, but here we have a map of the first 40% of people who opened the email.

It’s kind of nice to see that we have friends all over the world! Hello to all of you!

Global distribution of people we mailed recently

  1. Murphy says:


    I regularly run in the Helambu and Annapurna regions.

    Resident of Taiwan (We got some great mountain running here, too)

  2. Nepalrunning says:

    Hi Murphy,
    Why not share some stories and routes of your Nepal runs on the site?
    More reports from runners who have been on Nepali trails is undoubtedly going to help others decide to try for themselves!

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