Stage trail race in Nepal
Date Sat 04 Nov 2023 (until Fri 17 Nov 2023)Stages 7
Category Multi-day / stage-racesAltitude 4400m
Website Race websiteDistance 130 km + 42 km hike
Elevation change 10700mOrganiser Trail Running Nepal

Here’s what Anna Frost had to say way back about the 2013 edition of this iconic trail stage race.

“Over the 8 days we followed the wonderful, almost untouched trails from the forest valleys to the high pass over to the Annapurna region. We were lucky for blue skies and warm days with super cold and starry nights. Everyone did amazingly well, pushing their comfort zones way out, pushing through physical pain and discomfort but always vibrant with mental energy after the long days out. Congratulations and thank you to all of you who made the journey so special. Happy Running.” – Anna Frost

And this was the last video made in 2018:

Manaslu Mountain Trail Race is a challenging multi stage trail race passing through some of Nepal’s most beautiful Himalayan landscapes in a part-circumnavigation of Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain. The 2023 race is scheduled for 4-17  November.

Here’s images from the race:

Manaslu base camp trail

You’ll ‘run’ a total of 192 km over 7 race days. You’ll cross a 5,160m pass, sleep at a monastery, peer over the border into wild Tibet, run above a glacier on the trail to Manaslu Base Camp and enjoy many awesome trails in between. These super photographs will give you an idea of the terrain.


Manaslu trail race totally delivered an adventure over and above what I was expecting – I will be forever grateful for having had the chance to absorb a small part of Nepal, her people, and those heart-racingly beautiful mountains. Just a divine, and life affirming experience – thank you to you all! Lucy Sangar, UK

I’ve been racing for a very long time now yet the Manaslu Mountain Race was one of the best running experiences I’ve ever had – it really is a privilege to have had the opportunity to run through such stunning scenery; sharing views of 8,000m peaks with wonderful people, being exceptionally well-looked after by all involved; in fact the food was so delicious and plentiful I think I put on weight despite running for a good few hours each day. The organisers are doing this for the right reasons – non-commercialised and a focus on giving back to local communities and supporting upcoming Nepali talent. Fantastic. Many magical Manaslu memories to last a lifetime! Holly Page, UK

Experience of a lifetime! I came for beautiful mountains and adventure and left with all that plus a lifetime of deep friendships. I am still glowing!! Sam Smith, USA

ES: Una experiencia, donde un grupo de personas comparten unos dias juntos, afrontando una serie de desafios. Todo ello corriendo de una manera ligera en el Himalaya
CA: Una gran experiència, on un grup de persones comparteixen uns dies junts, fent front a diverses adversitats. Això suma-li corre de manera lleugera a l’ Himalaya – David Lopez, Spain
Long summary in EN:

The Manaslu Trail Race is so much more than just a race. A incredible adventure, journeying through beautiful and remote Himalayan landscapes, appreciating a different culture and way of life, whilst sharing stories with people from around the globe. I would encourage anyone to enter – you are capable of more than you think. Beth Lewis, Wales.



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Date Sat 04 Nov 2023 (until Fri 17 Nov 2023)Stages 7
Category Multi-day / stage-racesAltitude 4400m
Website Race websiteDistance 130 km + 42 km hike
Elevation change 10700mOrganiser Trail Running Nepal

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  1. Shaye says:

    I am hoping to run the Manaslu Trail Race in 2023. Whilst it’s some time off yet, could you give me provisional dates to help me with my planning, please?

  2. Annie Naanda says:

    Hallo!! I am a hasher from CH3 Delhi visiting Kathmandu. Where and what time is your run for 5 November 2022??


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