Date Fri 19 Sep 2014 (until Fri 26 Sep 2014) Stages 5
Category Multi-day / stage-races, Ultra Trail Altitude < 2450m
Website Race website Distance 220km
Elevation change +/- 11582m Organiser

Cancelled for 2015: see this

This is a new event in Nepal hosted by Beyond the Ultimate from the UK. It’s following in the footsteps of racing the planet – a short multi-day adventure with some short and two very long stages. The race takes place in September which means the time around the end of the monsoon. It could rain and could be muddy depending on when the actually monsoon ends. It will be hot and lush however. Short races like this cannot go to high altitudes – too much time is needed to acclimatize so this race stays between 600m and 2000m (not knowing the exact route).

The organisers give the itinerary below:

Race Information Location: Himalayas, Nepal
Terrain: Trails, Mountains, Rivers and Villages Price: £2,000

Stage Information

Day 1 – 19th September 2015
Our transfer leaves The Malla Hotel in Kathmandu at 10:00am on the 19th September and all competitors are required to be ready to depart in the hotel lobby for 9.45am*. It is from here that you will take the extremely scenic drive along the Trisuli River to Base Camp, which boasts impressive hillside views.

Day 2 – 20th September 2015
Day in Base Camp for Medical and Survival Briefings with a chance to explore your surroundings before the race commences. Base Camp is located at the bustling town hill of Ghorka Bazaar, overlooked by the impressive Ghorka Palace (a fortress with deep historical significance for the people of Nepal); it is here that you will get a chance to appreciate the stunning views of the area you will call home for the next few days.

Day 3 – 21st September 2015 Race Stage 1
The Invasion
Starting at the gates of the Ghorka Palace, your first steps of the Mountain Ultra will follow the path trod by Ghorka’s in their fight for conquest the dominance and unification of Nepal. The run route takes place over mountain ridges dotted with villages, giving you an idea as to the diversity of Nepal as you pass temples of the Gorkhalis and the mosques of the migrant mughal gunmakers side by side on these hill tops.
Start Time: 07:00am Distance: 35km

Day 4 – 22nd September 2015 Race Stage 2
The Mountains
The day starts with a deceptively easy run as you follow the path next to the meandering lazy river. However, this stage provides a tougher route than it seems, as 10 miles in you will begin your ascent up the mountains, following the snaking trails to the summit, where you will then face the downhill climb before facing another short ascent up to Nuwakot, which once formed the gateway to the Kingdom of Kathmundu.
Start Time: 06:00am Distance: 65km

Day 5 – 23rd September 2015 Race Stage 3
Although taking place at a high altitude, the views provided by this stage will provide you with a real treat as you complete the stage. With a path folloing along the ridge tops of the hills, you will be rewarded with constant views of the rivers below forming its route through the rice paddies, not to mention the exposed red earth on the hills which gives this stage it’s name. With little protection from the sun, you will head down towards the paddy fields as the ridge runs its course. You will then have time to relax at Base Camp, located in the rice fields of the farming community before heading off on tomorrow’s 69km stage.
Start Time: 06:00am Distance: 35km

Day 6 – 24th September 2015 Race Stage 4
Here you will face the subtropical heat of September before heading up the mountains towards Golphu Bhanjyang, home to Buddhist Sherpa communities, you can expect to see some Buddhist shrines on your route. As the route turns you will enter sparsley populated forest covered hills where you will run across muddy trails. As you continue through the forest you will enter the tourist village of Nagarkot, famed for it’s views of Mt Everest in the distance – it is here that you will rest before the final stage.
Start Time: 06:00am Distance: 69km

Day 7 – 25th September 2015 Race Stage 5
As the final stage of the race, you will be treated to unbelievable views of the Himalayas, with Kathmandu Valley to your right and the Himalayan panorama forming constant views to the left. As you begin your descent you will travel through cool Pine Forests and along cornfields before taking in the view of small hamlets nestled on the precarious edge of the rim of the valley. It is from here that you will finally arrive at the old Newar town of Dhulikhel and cross the finish line of the Mountain Ultra!
Start Time: 06:00am Distance: 16km


Date Fri 19 Sep 2014 (until Fri 26 Sep 2014) Stages 5
Category Multi-day / stage-races, Ultra Trail Altitude < 2450m
Website Race website Distance 220km
Elevation change +/- 11582m Organiser

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