[Reposted article by Shashwat Pant from Online Khabar. The Manjushree Trail Race is longest of many trail races happening in Nepal.] When a group of Nepali runners started assisting foreigners who ran the Kathmandu valley rim, a 100-mile-long trail that goes around the hills surrounding Kathmandu valley, around 2018, little did they know that they were […]

Congratulations to Seth Wolpin on his hard slog around Annapurna. 218km and some +/-10,000m completed in around 72 hours. Plenty of people have gone around the Annapurna Circuit from Besi Sahar to Naya Pul but few with the aim of reducing the hike to as few days as possible. A quick google will find a seven-day trip here, […]

We’re already 5 days into 2011 and finally a brief race report. More information, pictures, times (and splits) and feedback from runners is coming in the next day or two (or three). Before beginning, it’s worth reiterating what we think the essence of the Annapurna 100 race should be so we can see how this year […]

Running the breath of Nepal is an undertaking too big for most adventurers to even contemplate. Nevertheless, over the years several have tried and succeeded to cross the country from its Eastern to its Western border. These crossings are not easy to compare because their routes differ in length, in cumulative meters climbed and lost, […]

Some news in about the little known sport of long-distance road running in Nepal. As is often the case with short news reports, and especially in Nepal, it leaves you with more questions than answers. Why 20 hours, 20 minutes and 6 seconds exactly? And how is he raising awareness exactly? Where can I find […]