Great news from Switzerland about two of our friends who competed in events in Davos. Sudip Rai came 5th in the 42km event and Lizzy Hawker (who ran the Annpurna 100 in January this year) was clear winner in the women’s 78km.

This is great news for Sudip and the Nepal Mountain Running Service. Last year he competed in the 78km race, a relatively flat, fast course whereas his talent lies more in steep hill climbing / descending.

And so, coach Ramesh Bhattachan mails the news:

I am pleased to mail you both that Sudip K Rai achieved the 5th position in the
42K Mountain Marathon today out of 1000 male and 200 female runners in the
time of 3 hrs 28 mins 56 secs.


  • 1st Idland Trond Norway 3:21:52
  • 2nd Hugen Schmidt Germany 3:21:58
  • 3rd Bundi Andrea Swisterland 3:22:51
  • 4th Brandie Michael Swisterland 3:28:56

78k Mens

  • 1st Jonas Budd Sweden 6:11:02
  • 2nd Lobb Huw UK 6:28:40
  • 3rd Kaburaki Japan 6:41:12

78K Women

  • 1st Lizzy Hawker UK 7:16:17
  • 2nd Meneghin Maja Swisterland 7:27:47
  • 3rd Berg Kajsa Sweden 7:36:46

There were 5000 participants in the various marathon events from 64 countries.

You can find all the Davos Marathon results here:


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