Sometimes this website receives nice and excitable messages about people’s recent journeys in Nepal. This one from Severin Wuensch in Germany linked to a video that strings together moment after moment of many of the best things Nepal has to offer mountain travellers. Watching it naturally makes you itch to head to these remote valleys. Severin comments,
“Running through Nepal was the most crazy thing I did last year! But I loved it, I enjoyed it, and I would do it again. And here is what I saw during our journey up and down the mountains…” and then comes the video! More information about the running trip he was on here.

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Running Nepal – Trailrun around the Annapurna

Running through #Nepal was the most crazy thing I did last year! But I loved it, I enjoyed it, and I would do it again. And here is what I saw during our journey up and down the mountains:

Posted by The Walking Giant on Saturday, 11 February 2017

In case you are nerdy and wondering, I asked already, ‘which equipment was used to film this?’ Answer: Panasonic GH4 and Devin Graham Signature Series Glidecam for stabilisation. With that out of the way, I asked Severin some further questions.

“Lots of shots into the sun!” says a sunglasses wearing friend. Yes, wasn’t the weather great!

  1. Running at altitude is hard – how much running actually went on among the walking?!
    Most of the group I traveled with ran everything below 3700m. In general everybody was free to run or walk as much as he or she liked.
  2. It looks deserted, there are very few people – what time of year did you go?
    We did the trip last year in November and we had no clouds at all until the last day, so that was great! Yes, it looks a little deserted at that time.
  3. Any tips for someone who wants to film running?
    Take a camera that is as light as possible, don’t do what I did and do the entire track with a heavy camera gear in your hand ;-)
  4. The treks in Nepal are famous for quickly changing landscapes, low-altitude lush river valleys, to super high altitude mountain scenery – which was your favorite section?
    I love these always changing landscapes, from jungle and rice fields to moon-like with no green at all. But the trail right before Manang was my favourite part, from the blue river to the green fields to the dirty trail to the white mountain tops, all in one picture.
  5. Some say the Annapurna trail has been ruined by road development – what is your feeling about that?
    As long as the treks on the other river side are still there I don’t think it’ll ruin the track, I didn’t notice the road that much.
  6. Finally, why did you put the effort in to make this short film?
    I enjoy making those kind of short films about traveling the world, and Nepal is such a great place to film at, I could point my camera anywhere and just press record and it would look great! Making those short films enables me to travel the countries I want to see, and watching my own videos enables me to relive these incredible experiences I had there. And it’s great that I can share this with other people around the world and I hope to encourage them to visit this beautiful country as well.

Thanks Severin for your efforts and sharing them! You can find more of Severin’s videos and photography on his page at The Walking Giant and The Walking Giant on Instagram.

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