Map of the Solo Khumbu staged ultra trail race november 2010, nepal

Map of the stage race in the Solo Khumbu region of Nepal. Click for the PDF version.

From 6th to 28th of november 2010, the Solo Khumbu (Everest) region of Nepal will be full of French people running about. “Come and share your passion in the land of the Sherpas” says the website’s strapline.

This sounds like a marvelous and tough adventure. The whole of the website is in French and looks as if it is a limited, French only adventure. If you want some help with translation, perhaps you can contact the race organisers.

5ème jour – étape 1
Jiri (1950m) – Durali (2700m) – Kenja (1650m)
28 km/+1650m/-1890m
6ème jour – étape 2
Kenja (1650m) – Lamjura La (3530m) – Jumbesi (2680m)
20 km/+2750m/-855m
7ème jour
Jumbesi : acclimatation en montant à Langaté (4000m)
retour à Jumbesi
8ème jour – étape 3
Jumbesi – Konglemadanda (4300m) – Beni (3340m)
15 km/+965m/-635m
9ème jour – étape 4
Beni Dokhunda lake (4550m) – Taksindu (2960m)
20 km/+500m/-1160m
10ème jour – liaison
Repos à Taksindu (2960m)
Visite du monastère, visite de la maison de Dawa, puis départ
en marche de liaison pour le village de Kharikhola
3 h/+400m/-1250m
11ème jour – étape 5
Kharikhola (2040m) – Phading (2610m)
21 km/+1400m/-850m
12ème jour – étape 6
Phading (2610m) – Thamé (3800m)
20 km en passant par Kondé/+2100m/-900m
13ème jour – étape 7
Thamé (3800m) – Lunden (4380m)
10 km/+700m/-100m
14ème jour – étape 8
Lunden (4380m) – passage du Rinjo Pass (5360m) – Gokyo Ri
Arrivée au sommet 18 km/+1340m/-850m
puis marche de liaison jusqu’à Gokyo Village 2,5 km/-700m
15ème jour – étape 9
Gokyo Village (4800m) – Gyazumba (5500m) – Gokyo Village
15 km/+700m/-700m
16ème jour – étape 10
Gokyo Village (4800m) – Cho La (5330m) – Lobuche (4970m)
20 km /+1200m/-700m
17ème jour – étape 11
Lobouche (4970m) – marche de liaison jusqu’au Kalapatar (5545m)
15 km/+600m/-1310m
­Arrivée à Périché (4240m)
18ème jour – étape 12
Périché (4240m) – Chukum Ri (5550) en marche de liaison
Etape Chukum Ri (5550) – Namché (3440m)
32 km/+2375m/-3146m

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