Home! Finished in 49:55hrs. Thanks every one for the messages and good wishes. And huge thanks to Mark Brightwell for running with me all night and listening to me hiccup for the last 6 hours. I’m hitting the shower and then bed. ‪#‎Team7Hills‬

seth wolpin

50 hour face! Photo: Mark Brightwell – click for original post

Congratulations Seth. This is 50 hours of effort with no sleep. Great that people think up these challenges, and then do some research and then ‘just do it’. This is not easy. We’ll find out from Seth the exact distance and altitude change, but something like 180km and … 15000m of ups and downs?

seth wolpin kathmandu valley rim fkt

Anyone who’s run the Kathmandu West valley rim 50km race and had to take the 33km alternative will know what Seth has been through, and he was drinking beer too.

Seth has done three FKTs in Nepal now. Not for the time of course, just for the challenge. First Besisahar to Nayapul on the Annapurna Circuit. Then just two weeks ago, around Manaslu in three days something. Now this. Before than the only FKT was Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu which Lizzy Hawker tried 3 times and completed in 60 hours something.

Crazy people pushing the body to crazy limits!

Right now Lizzy is more than half way around the Manaslu Circuit which she just completed on the Manaslu Trail Race. So well acclimatised, and familiar with the route, she is charging around sleepless. Now (Sat Nov 28: 13:30) she has just crossed the pass.

FKT around Manaslu

Still some 100km to go for her.

Back to Seth’s valley rim run. There’s a certainly a great 3- or 4-day training camp in there. The Kathmandu Valley is beautiful at most times of the year. Plenty of tea-shops to refill calories and liquids and some accommodation too in convenient places.

So have a think about that. Mean while good luck Lizzy & sleep well Seth! Congratulations!

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