Where to go running in Kathmandu?

Would be great to have a  library of trail running or hiking routes to follow on your smart phone (if you have one) or to print and take with you. Here’s a start, gathered from many GPS tracks recorded by many people. There are many more great running trails than this. If you know of more, please link your GPS track in the comments below with some idea of where it is.

This map of Kathmandu was made with Google’s My Maps.


How to use it?

If you have a phone with a browser, open this link on it. You may be lucky and be able to find your location. If you have Google Maps installed on your phone, then try to open “Kathmandu Trails” from the search box.

If you have any better suggestions, please add in the form below.

Download GPX / KML

The full trails are here GPX (9MB) and KML (2MB) but slowly we’ll add smaller, separate files for different areas.

top of Shivapuri peak kathmandu

Near the top of Shivapuri peak near Kathmandu

GPS track

Please upload a GPX track you want to share with people.
  • Like the area the run is in.
  • Can be any kind of GPS file, or even KML.
  • Anything you want to mention about this trail run?
  1. Steve Keeling says:

    Hey and don’t forget about good old paper maps. I found many new trails and mountain bike routes around and about the Kathmandu Valley by studying the:
    • 1994 to 1996 published Finnish aided 1:25,000 topographical maps — http://geospatial.com/products/series/topographic-maps/nepal-scale-1-25000-topographic-maps-837/
    • SDC 1;100,000 Transport Infrastructure maps — http://www.nepaltrailbridges.org/Publication/map.htm
    Paper maps can fire the imagination for exploring more than digital ones.

    On-On! Old timer Steve ‘Keeled Over’ Keeling

  2. Hector Martinez says:

    Hi! Thanks for posting this! I appreciate it very much! Quick suggestion, though… How about posting these trails to TrailRunProject? I use this app all the time, and it’s very helpful as it provides description, real-time map and tracking, with photos and advice. (www.trailrunproject.com) I hope this helps! And, again, thanks for the work put into this!

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