Running along a ridge trail near Champ Devi, kathmandu valley, nepal

Running along a ridge trail near Champa Devi © Moire

Kathmandu valley is a bowl surrounded by hills on all sides. There are four prominent ones Pulchowki (2765 m), Shivapuri (2725 m), Jamacho (2095 m) and Champa Devi (2509 m). Of all of the peaks, Champa Devi perhaps looks the steepest and least accessible, but, apart from the paths being a little narrow and less well worn, it actually it makes for a good a great day out with some great views both North and South.

You can see the route data from Moire‘s watch, including a small mistake in the middle, below:

  1. Shanta K Bhattarai says:

    I do running in Kathmandu street three to four days a week around 5-7 Km, I want to run more distant and practice trail running in around hilly area Kathmandu valley. I think running alone in those areas is not safe and is not good too. So, I need a company of foreigner funner, who is/are interested, please let me know. I am planning for October 11-25, 2015.

    Please let me know, what should I do for this type of running and what should I bring ?

    Expecting more information

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