roger henke2The Annpurna 100’s proper race director back in position.

For three years I have been the ceremonial race director of the Annapurna100 (and its other distances). The actual race was always organized by Ramesh Bhattachan. As an expat resident of Nepal I was bound to be a transient. Now I am leaving, following my wife Marjan to Egypt and race directorship returns to whom it properly belongs, Ramesh, the Nepali power house who created the event in 1995. I wish him and his crew all the best and am very jealous of all those runners who can explore the courses of the coming 7th edition on the 9th of March 2013.

I’ll have to do with lots of sand for the coming years. As I’m known for my dogged determination not to change my view on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons, I am ignoring the ‘there’s-no-good-running-to-be-found-in-Cairo’ that everyone keeps on telling me. If you’re interested how many walls I’m going to run into trying to prove the world wrong, check out my blog:

  1. Miriam Mehadipur says:

    Hi Roger.
    I am sincerely interested to know/understand what you mean ” proving the world wrong”?

    Miriam Mehadipur

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