Raiko is a new trekking clothing manufacturer in Kathmandu. They’ve been making things for years for the local market in Nepal and have grown into making their own brand for order and export.

Ko in Nepal is a suffix that indicates belonging or ownership. So Rai ko means Rai’s or ‘of the Rais’. And indeed the company is owned by Rai people from the east of Nepal.

They’re starting with down jackets as these are one of the products that are in high demand as they have high usage throughout the winter season.

If you want to order manufactured jackets in quantity, please contact Raiko on:

+977.9841 60.3113 or +977.1.4700337 or raibala2@yahoo.com


  1. deepak pawar says:

    Adtire is adventure Clothing shop in India Adtire sales some hiking product,so I want to some hiking pants and winter jackets ,so please tell me which product you have. Send me some details with wholesale rate and products.
    It’s my number :- 8149919836 Whatsapp

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