Last January (2014) four Nepali runners took part in the Vibram Hong Kong 100 race. The result has been written about earlier, but Tirtha Tamang in first, Bed Sunuwar in 2nd, Ram Bhandari in 6th while Ram Khatri has to drop out with a calf problem. It was a great day for these runners as this was the first event in the Ultra-Trail World Tour and thus the field was pretty strong, if not to say world class. This gave the runners a chance to prove themselves on the international stage.

As is the case with many of these races, the experiences are intensely personal. The runners get to see the course, but possibly not many of the other runners. The spectators may see a lot of runners, but little of the course from their particular standpoint.

So it is really great to see a film of the event, and how it unfolds and the characters behind it. Lloyd Belcher and his team did a huge amount of hard work to get the film made so beautifully. Vimeo won’t allow embedding, but just click below to watch. If you have a fast connection, then follow the link below to a HD version.

Many thanks should go also to Vibek Maurya for his accurate translation of Tirtha and Bed in the closing scenes. Thanks Vibek.


More Than A Race [Standard Definition] from Lloyd Belcher Visuals on Vimeo.

More Than A Race follows the 100-kilometre journey of some of the world’s best ultra runners in the 2014 Vibram Hong Kong 100, the city’s original solo ultra marathon. The race unfolds along Hong Kong’s hidden trails, weaving around postcard images of towering skyscrapers, beyond the iconic skyline. The juxtaposition of concrete jungle against the natural beauty of the city’s unique outdoors is captured in this short film and embodied in this quintessential Hong Kong race.

More Than A Race offers insight into the strategies, challenges, triumphs and disappointments of an ultra marathon runner. As the athletes explore the outskirts of the city, we witness their inner journeys and discover the Hong Kong 100 is more than a race.

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