April 29 to May 1, 2022 Nepal’s first 100 mile ultra marathon, along the ridge of the Kathmandu Valley. The Manjushree Trail Race takes runners along the ridge line of the Kathmandu valley and across all 7 peaks surrounding the valley. Although only a few hours away from Nepal’s capital, participants will only see glimpses […]

Guerrilla Trail Marathon was held on 9th June, 2018, Saturday at Bhume in Rukum (East), the youngest district of Nepal, to promote historical importance and war tourism. The total distance of the race was 27 km starting from Mahat in Rukum East to Thabang in Rolpa district said Magar, coordinator of All Nepal Sports Association. […]

With Everest as a backdrop, this is possibly one of the world’s most iconic trail races, from Base Camp to Namche Bazar, starting at around 5300m. Now with an annual 60 km ultra event, and 21 km half-marathon to accompany the short-sounding, but tough and respect-worthy 42 km race. Seasoned ultrarunners will wish they’d signed […]

WINTER SERIES 2019 — 19TH JANUARY http://ultratrailnepal.com/ RUN FOR RECOVERY All profits raised from our Spring 2018 event will go back into the community to assist with the Earthquake Rebuilding effort. You will be running through villages that have been devastated by the Earthquake. With help from Friends of Himalayan Children, we are working hard […]

Last years event report, results and images here! Kathmandu Ultra 51km – 2016 Race 50,8 kms / 3 050 D+ (certified) Difficulty : 1 point ITRA, 1 point UTMB Kathmandu Ultra 78km – 2016 Race 78 kms / 3 920 D+ (certified) Difficulty : 2 points ITRA, 2 points UTMB The first ultra distance trail race in the Kathmandu Valley […]

AUM 2016. Entry form AUM 2016. Program (21 October to 1er November, 2016) The third edition of Annapurna Mountain Ultra (AUM) takes place Friday, October 28, 2016, between the Annapurna Base Camp (4,130 m) and the Phewa Lake in Pokhara (820 m): 75 km (1200 m – 5500 m). This ultra-mountain runs semi-autonomous and lightweight […]

This should be a much bigger event in the future as it is an iconic course and a race with a great ideal, which is to further help Nepali runners. Programme: TBA

The location of this festival may change, and thus so will the route. The date is fixed for the 19th however. [1 ITRA effort point, 1 UTMB point awarded] A great 50km course hosted alongside the 2015 Himalayan Outdoor Festival 2016. The website is going to be updated soon-ish, but keep the date for your diary. This will be the […]

Promises to be a new route in 2015 on much more trails than before, skirting from Pokhara around the south of the lake around to the north to traditional route territory of Dhampus.

Cancelled for 2015: see this http://maazel.de/nepal-for-neven-2-0/ This is a new event in Nepal hosted by Beyond the Ultimate from the UK. It’s following in the footsteps of racing the planet – a short multi-day adventure with some short and two very long stages. The race takes place in September which means the time around the end of the […]

This will be a great race from one of the lushest corners of the Kathmandu Valley. The race starts from near to the Botanical Gardens and heads out on a half circuit and summit of Pulchowki, Kathmandu Valley’s highest peak. We can expect terraced fields around typical villages, forest trails, and hopefully crispy mountain views. […]

Eleventy-One starts from Spituk Village, which is at 10,982 ft / 3,347 m. It also happens to be halfway mark (111 km) of La Ultra – The High. For first 38 km, it is relatively flat-ish when you get to Karu at an altitude of 11,454 ft. Over next 10 km, there is an altitude gain […]