Trail Running Nepal newsletter May 16th 2015

To say Nepal is going through difficult times at the moment would be an understatement. The web is filled with images and stories about the tragedy.

Right now, just before the weekend comes though, we wanted to share two more positive stories from Nepal published in the Guardian newspaper in the last couple of days.

Firstly Purna Tamang has made it to Australia to run the THF100 near Sydney, the hardest race of his life. He’s among stacked field of great runners, and of course the heavy knowledge of what is happening back home, he has to rebuild his family house on his return. We wish him the very best tomorrow.

The second thing is to mention that Nepal is still a place you should visit. The west and east of Nepal remain unaffected by the earthquake, many of the affected areas’ trails and buildings will be repaired over the coming months, and of course, many of those affected actually work in tourism and will need the work as much as every to help them rebuild their communities.

If you are planning a holiday here later this year and have questions about the situation, please feel free to ask by email and we’ll do our best to inform you as much as we can with the information we have.

Please click the Guardian images below to read more.

Wish you a good weekend.


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