Here’s great news from Ramesh in Hong Kong. The two first teams were from Nepal and finished substantially ahead of the third team from Hong Kong. Congratulations!


2013 Oxfam Trailwalker Team Columbia S1 wins – Credt:Oxfam


2013 Oxfam Trailwalker Team Nepal 2nd – Credt:Oxfam


Greetings from Hong Kong.

Yesterday the Hong Kong Trailwalkers Race was held with 1200 teams x 4 runners
participating supported by 3000 volunteers starting from Sai Kung and ending
at Yuen Long.


1st Nepal – Trailwalkers Team – 10hrs 59 mins Broke Recored of 11hr 12 mins(2012)
2nd Team Nepal (Hong Kong) – 11 hrs 01 mins
3rd Hong Kong Team – 12 hrs 37 mins


1. Ram Kumar Khatri – Capt
2. Uttam Khatri
3. Ram Bhandari
4. Bhim Bdr Gurung
5. Kiran Kulung – Reserve
6. Ramesh Bhattachan – Manager/Coach

The Team was sponsored by Columbia Sports and Dragonair Hong Kong.


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