Goose bumps!

When you see a friend who has not only done well, but done something really extraordinary, it is hard to stop the goose bumps spreading with a cold shiver.

Below is Lizzy Hawker, who became our friend when she came to Nepal last year to run the Annapurna 100 race. She is as down to earth as the daisies and is fuelled by home-made cheese sandwiches and fruitcake. She’s quiet, calm and caring. She dreams and dreams big.

In case you don’t know of it, the UTMB is one of the world’s top trail running races. It’s gruelling and 167km long but passes through incredible landscapes. It must have been incredibly painful, but look at the smile below.

Lizzy hawker winner of the 9th utmb in france

Lizzy Hawker winner of the 9th UTMB in France

Elisabeth Hawker has just won her 4th victory in the UTMB, and sets a new record of victories for the female category. She finished the race in 25:02, after holding the lead wire to wire. At Catogne (km 150), she was already ahead of 2 h 30 on the second woman, Néré Martinez.

More goose bumps! Other friends also partook in the CCC race which is 98kmNgima Yangjee Sherpa finished in 16:55:35 as 19th woman. Congratulations Ngima! Claire Price who also came to run the 2011 Annapurna 100 won the 40-49 women’s event and was 2nd woman overall. Still goose bumps!

Remember that if you wish to ever try the UTMB then you have to qualify though accumulating points from tricky races. The Annapurna 100 is one such tricky race and gets you 3 points!

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