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Ngima* Yanjee started running at school and entered her first race, the Everest Sky race, in 2002 at age 16. She’s from Khumjung, above Namche Bazar in Solukhumbu, commonly known as the Everest region. She loves running! She started running by chance, she says, “at school I liked to do lot’s of activities and my teacher told me about the Sky Race, and so I joined in. Since then I’ve loved running, it gives me a lot of pleasure.”

It was several years until she raced again, due to high-school commitments, and her second race was also her first big trail race, the 292 km Annapurna Mandala Trail stage race, which she won. “I was not training lots. At the beginnng it was really hard, then it became easier,” she says.

You must be really strong, no? ”I don’t think I am that strong. My mind is strong. I say to myself ‘you have to keep running, keep enjoying!’

“I find running at low altitude really hard. Below 2000 m seems difficult, above 2000m my body helps me!”

Her favourite race was the Courchevel X-Trail. “People there respect runners and people also love running!”

So what about running in Nepal?

“My parent’s didn’t like it so much in the beginning, but now they like it. I get fed up with people asking ‘How much money do you win in the race?’ I don’t like that question. Running is not about money, it’s about meeting people, and it’s for pleasure”

What about the future?

Ngima will go to France for three months from mid-January. “I really want to do the UTMB.” The UTMB one of the world’s most popular hard running challenges. Asked why, Ngima says, ”I really want to try because I really love running!”

*(pronounced, more or less Nima)

Race results



  • November 9-26: Solukhumbu Trail (300 km) 2nd 36:35.35
  • August 8: Courchevel X Trail, France, 53 km, 1st place – 8:20:-
  • July 3/4: Maratour de glaciers, France 46 km – 7:30:-
  • July 7: Nevach Sky Race, France 46 km, 6th place – 6:58:-
  • June 6: Verdon Canyon challenge 30 km. 1st place – 4:40:-


  • April 9-19: Annapurna Mandala Trail ‘09, 1st place – 06.14.50


  • October 10-31: Solukhumbu Trail Race (300 km) 2nd place – 43:02:-
  • April 17-25: Anapurna Mandala Trail (240 km) 2nd place – 42:24:22


  • December 5: Everest Marathon (42 km) 2nd place – 05.17.53
  • September 28- Oct. 20: The Ultimate Trail (Kathmandu – Dolpa, 1000 km), DNF (15 days)
  • October 7: NRN International Kathmandu Marathon (42 km), 2nd place, 4hr, 6min, 45 sec.
  • May 29: Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (42 km), Fourth, 29th May 2007, 5hr.41min.36sec.
  • April 2-14: Annapurna Mandala Trail (292 km), 1st place – 60:36:18


  • Everest Sky Race 2002 (22 km), 1st place – 2:30:03

Running CV

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    hi…do you have an e-mail for Ngima? I met her in Nepal, I work with Sherpa Adventure Gear and I'm trying to reach her. Thanks! Boo

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