I was born in Thumi village of Gorkha district, Nepal on the 22nd April, 1981. I did my schooling in Gorkha and joined the Nepal Army in 2003. I was selected to train for the army’s running team and started training for marathons. I participated in several long-distance road races and in 2010 I started training for trail running races, and have regularly secured podium positions in trail races I participated in. I am a full-time runner in the army and hold the rank of Sergeant.

The last trail race I took part in was Kima Skyunner Series in Kima, Italy, on August 28th, 2016. I secured first position among 250 elite runners from around the world, and also set a new course record.

I also came 2nd in the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (May 29th, 2016) and in years before that was 1st. I am very pleased to be invited by the organizers of Glencoe Event to race. I am training hard for the race.

I am married with two kids. My wife, Sabitri Gurung, is a teacher in Elegant Primary Boarding School in Goldhunga, Kathmandu, Nepal. She’s been working there since 2005. My eldest son is 11 years old and studies in grade 6 in Nepal Army Birendra Sainik School (military school), Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, Nepal. My second son is 7 years old and studies in grade 2 in Elegant Primary Boarding School, where his mother also teaches. My father Bahadur Gurung and mother Jhyapli Gurung are retired and live with us in Kathmandu.

Below lists some of the trail running races that I participated in and positions I secured. * denotes new course record.

Race Country Year Position
Trofeo Kima (Skyrunning World Series) (52Km) Italy 2016 1st*
Matterhorn Ultraks (46Km) Switzerland 2016 11th
Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (42Km) Nepal 2016 2nd
Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (42Km) Nepal 2015 1st
Mix and Match Ultra (50Km) Nepal 2014 5th
Yading Skyrun (Skyrunning World Series) (29Km) China 2016 1st
Annapurna 100 (100Km) Nepal 2014 1st
Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (42Km) Nepal 2014 2nd
Kathmandu Marathon (42Km) Nepal 2014 5th
Annapurna 100 (57Km) Nepal 2015 1st
Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (42Km) Nepal 2015 1st
The North Face Kathmandu Ultra (80Km) Nepal 2016 1st
Batase Trail Run (30Km) Nepal 2016 1st
Oxfam Trailwalker (100Km) Nepal 2014 1st
Himalayan Outdoor Festival (50Km) Nepal 2014 1st
Kathmandu Marathon (42Km) Nepal 2013 4th
Diana Penny Everest Marathon (42Km) Nepal 2013 2nd
Oxfam Trailwalker (100Km) Hong Kong 2013 1st*
Oxfam Trailwalker (100Km) Hong Kong 2012 6th

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