This year three runners competed compared to last year, 2018, where two full Nepal teams (of three or more) competed. Here is a report from 2018. This year limited resources meant Nepal was not represented in the team event.

Aita Tamang is living in Portugal and joined the others, Sunmaya Budha and Durga Bahadur Budha, both from Jumla, who travelled from Nepal.

Here are the final results and an image of each of the Nepali runners stolen from the race’s facebook page!

Huge congratulations to each of the athletes competing in this extremely competitive race – it’s the world championships after all!

Sunmaya Budha Durga Budha nepali athletes with flag

Aita Tamang and Sunmaya Budha held their positions throughout the race finishing in respectable 67th and 47th places in their category.

Durga Bahadur Budha, the winner of the 2018 Annapurna 100 50 km event, went for glory. The flat start suited this marathon runner and he was with the leading pack for the first half of the race, in 5th position at best. As the pack chased the breakaway runner from Switzerland, and as the sleep climbs started to bite, Durga dropped away from the front but held on enough to keep in the top 20, less than 3 minutes behind last year’s champion LUIS HERNANDO and a few seconds before Italian legend Marco de Gaspari.

For a summary of the race overall, read this TWC 2019 summary at


Durga Bahadur Budha Male 17th

03:50:25 (14:51 behind the winner)

durga bahadur budha twc aubutres 2019 photo

Aita Tamang 67th Male


AITA TAMANG TWC 2019 photo

Sunmaya Budha 46th Female


sunmaya budha twc aubutres 2019 photo

Congratulations to all three athletes. Great thanks for their support crew of Paul and Danielle for steering Team Nepal on this race journey, and Jimi Oostrum who spent days on the visa paperwork and submission with Mira Rai helping. Thanks to all others who lent a hand to help this project come to fruition and I am sure you are very happy that these athletes where able to represent Nepali at the Trail World Championships 2019!

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