The hardest part for Nepali trail runners is getting to the start line. There are few races in Nepal that offer real learning experiences for elite runners.


Bishnu Maya, first place in her first international race.

To get the the top as a trail runner, you have run with the best trail runners. Roger Henke explains it well at the end of this blog post:

Before Nepal has a chance of becoming widely known and recognized for its mountain running talent the pool of individuals that compete for the possibility to compete on the world stage needs to grow, not a bit but by several factors. And that requires a training and youth sports infrastructure that is totally absent in Nepal. But, as in Kenya, Ethiopia and Jamaica, it all has to start somewhere and it always starts with a couple of individuals who are hors catégorie and make it on the world stage. And these individuals all need(ed) a little bit of outside help to get there and be able to show their qualities.

Then the conversation was with reference to Mira Rai about 13 months ago.


So it’s great then to have an opportunity for another young girl to show her ability, and discover a lot more. Mira first saw, with eyes as big as dinner plates, what international elite trail running was in Chamonix at the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in 2014. Now Bishnu Maya Budha gets the same in Hong Kong. A smaller event that in Chamonix, but still a fantastic setting to learn what trail running is about and, even better, with a tight community of dedicated runners who’re helping her find her feet.

Bed Sunuwar‘s pretty lucky incidentally. He’s raced before in Hong Kong, China and Switzerland, but somehow has had fewer opportunities that he could or should have. If he was better at the marathon though, he might not have received permission letter from the army to allow him leave to get to Hong Kong. In terms of running in Nepal, the marathon event beats trail running every time. Coaches complain that trail running slows marathon runners down. They might be right, on the flat at least, but it is a terrible missed opportunity looking at the bigger picture.

Matt ran with Bishnu Maya as he did with Mira last year.

[ December 5, 2015 12:04 ] Matt Moroz: 51:00 on the nose for her or even just under. I was at the end taking pics so she may well have done 50:45. Not quite as fast as Mira but she destroyed the competition and wasn’t at all pushed. She probably had more up her sleeve.

So this sounds good for Sunday and the 50km race, which is the big event of the weekend. Many runners skip the VK and save themselves for the 50km. So Bed and Bishnu Maya could be a little tired on the start line, but no less determined to claim another trophy.

Congratulations to both of them and huge thanks to their support team in Hong Kong: Matt, Jeri, Steve, Retha, Deer Horn, Gone Running, Lantau Base Camp, and Michael Maddess at Action Asia Events. Thanks too of course to those who paid the bill to get them there through our small but effective fund raiser last weekend. Great!

Vertical Kilometre results

Race report here

Top 5 Men – Name-Nationality-Team/Sponsor-Time
1. Joseph Gray-United States-Mío Global, Spenco-38:35
2. Eirik Haugsnes-Norway-Inov8-38:47
3. Bed Bahadur Sunuwar-Nepal TEAM-Nepal-40:36
4. Orlando Edwards – UK – 40:44
5. Anders Kleist-Sweden-IL Akele-41:27

Top 5 Women
1. Bishnu Maya Budha-Nepal-Nepal-51:50
2. Maud Gobert-France-Adidas-52:30
3. Charlotte Henry-France-54:05
4. Rebecca Nakuwa-Kenya-55:18
5. Nicole Lau-Hong Kong-55:28

50km results


  1. Maud Gobert-France-Adidas-07:07:42
  2. Marie McNaughton-Gone Running-07:29:47
  3. REBECCA NAKUWA-07:42:56
  4. Bishnu Maya Budha-07:44:39
  5. Sally chelagat Kipyego-08:23:13


bed sunuwar nepal runner

Bed Sunuwar, 3rd in the Vertical Kilometre

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