A post by Piotr Babis who just ran from Namche to Everest Base Camp and back and was curious to know if that had been done as a Fastest Known Time…

runner at basecamp

“After visiting  Everest BC earlier that week I decided to challenge myself and visit this place one more time. I set for a return trip from Namche in a single day.  Despite having a couple of days rest I didn’t feel 100%, it’s seems really hard to recover at this altitude. I started at 5:37am at big Stupa and reached BC at 13:21. It seemed  all downhill from now but quick ascent over 5000m was really exhausting. Pretty technical downhill with few steep climbs didn’t go as fast as planned, especially that I didn’t want to risk injury. I was back at the Stupa at 21:21. The weather was great for most of the day with only few hours of snow and strong wind. Although I expected  a bit faster time I’m supper happy to complete this trail in 1 day (15h 44min ).

“To verify my time please check my Strava profile: Piotr Babis. It was recorded as 2 different activities since my watch died.”

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