Another notch in Mira’s tree of dreams. A long 83km around done in relaxed style. Queen of the mountains, 9h16m, first lady, 8th overall and in good shape at the finish. Well done Mira!

See Mira’s short and clean running record here.


Many people around the world have clubbed together to help Mira financially make her trip work out and many on the ground in Italy too. Here are many of them named.

Tite Togni writes: 

Two races, two WINS – overwhelming! 

  • The Sellaronda 11a absolute, mountain and GP race Record;
  • Trail of the Heroes (Trail degli Eroi) 7th overall, Queen of the mountain and … 1° time.

And she continues to thank everyone, one by one, starting from her ‘Godfathers’ in homeland Richard Bull of Trail Running Nepal and Lizzy Hawker, without forgetting the numerous Italian friends: Michele Mombelli and GP Guindani of Trail Running Brescia, Nicholas Downs fellow adventures in Nepal and climbing in Italy, Igor Tabari and Irsara Andreas of Grama, Paola and Diego of the Sellaronda, Mario de March and Stefania Fanton of Valle di Cadore, which have already offered to adopt her; David Zanetti and Alexander Earl of Trail of the Heroes, Mirko Mayor Mottin, Andrea and Davide Orlandi of Soul Running for having saved by a pre-race night by car as well as for the media attention, together with Luca Revelli di Lorenzo and Doris Distanceplus of Akkawa … just to name a few. All Mira Anurag promises to study English better, once at home from next Thursday, she she can re-express to each of you and more fully her now proverbial “So So thank you!”

Until then, hands clasped and head bowed: Namaste!

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