Mira in Italy – running in Italy earlier this year.

Not everything has gone to plan in 2016 for Mira Rai, and the plan was to follow the Skyrunning Ultra Series in Spain and Portugal.

“Unfortunately this year I got injured running in a race in the UK. I tried the next race in Spain, but my leg was not feeling good. After returning to training place in Italy, the pain did not go away, and after checking with the doctor and having an MRI scan, they informed me I should stop running and rest until the pain is gone.” The diagnosis showed a small fracture in the fibula. After more than a month, Mira reported that there is still some pain coming back after running.

This meant Mira has to miss the Madeira Ultra and Buff Epic Trail in Spain in July, which is also the Skyrunning World Championship.

Several years ago Mira injured her knee in an accident. The Salomon physio, Arnaud Tortel, informed Mira that a cruciate ligament was fully torn. She had no idea. Running on her unstable knee was fine because of the strength of her legs muscles and her balance and agility. But running competitively for any period of time like this is not a good idea.

Surgery was always the plan, it was just a matter of when. “Now it is a good time to fix my knee so I can run 100%,” says Mira. “After surgery, I will need minimum four months recovery before starting to run again. I hope early next year (2017) I will be ready to start training hard and will have full power.”

Mira also wants to say, “Big thank you to all my supporters. Thank you for your messages. I hope to see you wherever you are soon,” and thanks to Salomon Running for support with this and her friends in Italy who are helping her though this process.

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