Mira Rai in Chamonix in Salomon Gear

UPDATE: Follow Mira’s next race online on Facebook as it happens this Friday 26th June. 

An update from Lloyd Belcher who earlier this year took on the project of making a short film about Mira Rai, a trail runner with an extraordinary story. A description of the project can be found on the small crowdfunding website we made for the project here if you don’t know already http://www.miraraifilm.com/.

Making a film, even a short one, is a mega task. As anybody who’s tried to sort through two weeks worth of vacation photos will know, it is not easy sorting through all the images you have. Scale that up to video files and audio files, some 120GB in total, and the work load starts to become apparent. And then the takes and retakes that have to be translated by Nepali speaking volunteers in Hong Kong… Essentially this means Lloyd has had to pass the original June deadline over, and, due to planned obligations, re-schedule the release in December 2015.

Lloyd is running the Dragon’s Back race in Wales this weekend and we wish him big luck for a big challenge.

Below, something of what Mira is up to, but first a short snippet from Lloyd’s editing room.

A glimpse into the short film ‘Mira Rai’. A special moment as Mira returns home to her mountain village & tells her family about the running adventures she has been on overseas. It was a moment that as a film-maker you just hold your breath & know that something special is taking place. The sense of pride from the family was very touching. – ‘Family Pride’ – Mira Rai from Lloyd Belcher Visuals on Vimeo.

Mira in Chamonix

Around 10 months ago, Mira arrived in Italy, and Chamonix shortly afterwards sent there with the hunch that she would benefit from the experience. She did of course, greatly, and was wowed by the scenery and the scale of the UTMB event that she watched. Ten months later, with a weight of medals and trophies in her collection now, she’s back to compete in the Skyrunning Ultra world series, starting with the Mont Blanc Ultra 80km event on the 26th.

Tite Togni with whom she has been staying this time and last, reflects on the second time around:

“It all happened in a twinkle of an eye and Mira’s got talent in keeping pace, not only in running but also in joyfully taking all the ‘chances’. In just one week she’s trained double mileage from this time last year, but she also slept and rested more hours than last year, which is a good sign of her adapting here. In fact she’s been double fast also in learning new skills like swimming, even some Italian phrases like ‘dai dai’ which she adopted as a mantra reminding her to hurry up, stay concentrated and at the same time, reminds her of her beloved, often times missed, ‘brothers ‘ at home (dai in Nepali means brother).”

And good news for Mira also that Greg Vollet & Salomon have taken her under their wing to see how she does this season. On Friday the 19th she was taken (thanks Marco Beretta) to the Annecy offices where she was kitted out in Salomon gear from head to toe. Is Mira ready for the race?, I ask Marco:

“Yes . I think she is ready in terms of athletic preparation. But some work about race strategy and 80km-race psychology is necessary this week.”

And there is five days to do that. It’s been just over a year from her first trail race in Kathmandu to be running in a world class race with the Salomon team. This is something her family, and us her supporters, really can be proud of.

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