“The path of Nepalese trail runner Mira Rai’s life must be about as statistically improbable as winning the lottery, getting struck by lightning, or something equally obscure,” says  in her review of the 42 minute film on iRunFar.com.

She has a point and doesn’t it just make for an uplifting story?

Lloyd Belcher and Mira Rai are now both very pleased and excited that finally the time came when they could announce that, “the Mira Rai film is available for viewing!”

It came after more than a year of hard work. While Lloyd was editing filmed material, and learning during the process, Mira was rapidly updating her story – she wouldn’t stay still.

“I like so much this film! WOW amazing hard work Lloyd Brother! Thank you thank you!” said Mira after watching the 42 minute movie yesterday. She and Lloyd sincerely hope you will enjoy it too.

Pure excitement

All Vimeo rental sales will go directly towards funding the screening of ‘Mira’ around Nepal and to empower and encourage Nepalese girls to participate in sports. Soon, in Nepal a free version will be available to watch on Youtube – details to follow.

Screenings of Mira Rai’s film

Please note there are some screenings of the film starting to happen around the world. If you want to show the film to your organisation or group, you can request to host a screening here and we will add your screening to the list.

Mira from Lloyd Belcher Visuals on Vimeo.

What other’s are saying about this trail running film

“Among the many ultrarunning movies, this one is a real gem. Fascinating to watch Mira Rai’s journey from growing up in the remote countryside poverty to competing with, and winning against, the worlds best in the sport. Brilliant movie.”Andre Blumberg, HK.

“Just finished watching the film, absolutely loved it. So uplifting…..makes me want to run up a mountain right now!” Holly Rush, Ultra Runner

“Amazing movie about an amazing, gentle, humble woman. An inspiration for women in and outside of nepal. Beautiful shots of nepal and other incredible ultra trails.” – groupmapping

Hope you enjoy the film! Watch it on Vimeo for $10.

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