Samir Tamang Nepal

Samir Tamang winning 2nd place at the TDS race in 2014 © Franck Oddoux & Info Cimes

For many athletes, it is a dream to run representing their country in an international competition. Of course only a select few, the best in their country, get the chance. That also assumes that if you are the best in your country at a sport, you will get to compete at that level. That’s not necessarily true for Nepal, and especially Nepal’s trail runners.

Without going into details, there is no functioning structure in Nepal to support trail athletes and so technically speaking, they are not going anywhere.

So in this vacuum we’ve pulled together a plan and it is an expensive one, but if it works will have two teams, male and female, representing this mountainous country, which is thoroughly crisscrossed by amazing trails between its thousands of hillside villages, for the first time.

Why the Trail World Championships?

Given that Trail Running is not an Olympic sport yet (and many people are not looking forward to see how the Olympics might mangle this wild-ish sport into a for-TV format) the Trail World Championships is the highest level at which these runners can race. Additionally it is a team race, which is fairly rare, and this gives the athletes a better chance to represent their country and themselves in the team category.

Will Mira Rai and Sunmaya Budha run?

Neither will. Mira has a race calendar for 2018 with Salomon and Sunmaya is wisely staying with shorter races, which is where her talent lies. More about her later.

Who will run? What about the race? How to contribute?

Glad you asked! Here’s a handy website explaining these two things! Click the link below to proceed!

Hope you can contribute a little to the cost and the support the 7 runners online on the 12th of May 2018.

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