Nepali trail runner Samir Tamang with award

Nepali trail runner Samir Tamang with award

The 1st Lantau 100km / 50km Ultra Trail Open Running Race was held on 16th March 2013 starting from the beautiful beach area of the famous holiday spot in Mui Wo, Lantau Island.

The race started at 0900 hrs with 1300 participants from 30 countries in the 100K, 50K Mens and Ladies Events.

The race started at 0900 hrs with nine checkpoints for the 100K and five for the 50K event.

In the beginning Samir Tamang was neck to neck with Jeremey Ritcey the local Hong Kong runner favourite to win. Jeremy lives and trains in the Lantau Island and knows the route inch by inch.

They both ran together from the Start until Check Point 5 at 49km and Samir Tamang had the lead from there with a difference of ten minutes. The most difficult part of the Race are the Sunset Peak and the Lantau Peak where runners have to run uphill and downhill facing rough stones and difficult trails all the way.

Samir the champion of 2012 annapurna 70K and runner-up in the Oxfam Hong Kong Trailwalker Race in 2012, led after Check Point 5 all the way to the finishing point clocking a time of 12 hrs 32 minutes. In the history of trail running this is the first time a Nepalese Runner has been able to win the 100km distance*. Aite Tamang was also very near in the 2nd Vibram Hong Kong 100K Race in 2012 coming second position and Ram Kumar Khatri coming third in the 3rd Vibram Hong Kong 100K Race in Jan 2013. Then Jeremy came second after eight minutes. The results are:

  • 1st – Samir Tamang – Nepal – 12:29
  • 2nd – Jeremy Ritcey -Hong Kong – 12:37
  • 3rd – Chun Keung Leung -Hong Kong – 13:40

In the Ladies 50km, Mani Kala Rai from Solukhumbu came in 2nd position with a time of 7:46 after Baby Marites Bitbit 7:14 of the Philippines.

Samir Tmang from the Nepalese Army and Mani Kala Rai are congratulated for this excellent result.


* In Asia outside of the phenomenon that is Dawa Dachhiri Sherpa

  1. HK Nepalese Runners says:

    Dear Web-Master/News Editor,

    It has drawn our attention by reading your web-post which is totally fake & false beyond reality. The results posted on your web is not official, closed to official timing but what is our main concern is Ultra Runner Mr. Samir Tamang is not run or trained under Mr. Ramesh Battachan (so-called or self-claimed “Coach/Team Manager”) as posted on your web. Neither Mr. Ramesh train him or run under his team name. His own team is sponsored by JaxCoco and runner name is Sudip Kulung (photo on your web self-proved). But Mr. Samir Tamang is trained by himself and under Nepal Army Coach at Kathmandu remote mountains, which is totally sponsored & supported at every running check points by HK Nepalese Community. In essence, Mr. Battachan have no direct or indirect link with this great achievement. So urge you to investigate the ground reality before posting the news.

    Expecting your kind attention on reality of news before post/published.


    HK Nepalese Community
    Hong Kong

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