Just send out a new newsletter which you may have missed.  It lists, with images, some of the new ultra trail races happening in Kathmandu this year.

Kathmandu Valley Instagram Style - click for more from Jase Wilson.

Click for more Kathmandu Instagram from Jase McBride


Trail running in Kathmandu is coming to life with now 4 x 50km races, an 80km course (UTMB 2 points) and several upcoming 10-30km fun Saturday events sprinkled throughout the year.This is email is just so you know!

Casio watchSo far we don’t have any inflatable start banners, nor finish banners. Timing is still pencil, paper and a $10 Casio watch.

Instead we do have nice courses which only Kathmandu can offer – checkpoints positioned at Monastery gates, run by local tea-houses, and some starts and finishes in temple area.

Should you be planning a trek or otherwise passing through Kathmandu, keep the race calendar in mind and see if you can join in.

Here’s the next race coming up! 

Check the newsletter here.

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