Narayan Acharya is a long time trail runner, and knows the trails around the valley inside out. Narayan and his friend, who lives close by, Ram Sundar Karki, love running and are lucky to live in one of the greenest corners of the Kathmandu Valley with some great hilly trails in a protected forest area. I was just there (March 29th) and in the early morning on Phulchowki, the highest point of the valley, was end to end Himalaya – at least Annapurna to Everest. What they want to do is share these trails with others. The idea is you take a bus or taxi down there, stay a night or two, and do some morning running, and then relax around the area which has plenty of temples, a botanical gardens, and a few other quirky things to see and experience.

You can pretty much go any time of the year. From end of April it is getting pretty hot in the valley, but Godawari, where this place is, is the coolest area. In Monsoon the trails can be slippy and overgrown as the vegetation explodes in the humid heat, but still fun. From end of September (when an excellent race will take place there) it comes into its own as a great trail running playground.

phulchowki, kathmandu valley


This is a bit of a work in progress. Narayan and his wife Naomi have just completed a wonderful rammed-earth house. the grounds of the house are still a bit of a building site as the guest rooms are still being completed over the next two weeks (end March 2014). But there will be room for several people in simple but good and best, hand built accommodation.

Guided runs

With hundreds of interlinking trails and helpful locals who will certainly send you the wrong way unintentionally, it is pretty great to have a guide to show you the best trails and so avoid running in circles, and get the most out of your day.

We will send you with someone who knows the area well and knows the trails well. He’ll help you navigate tea-shops and temples and help you communicate with the locals. The guide adds a great deal of value to your short trip to Kathmandu.

Local guides include Upendra Sunuwar, Ram Sundar Karki and Narayan himself sometimes, through he is pretty busy producing organic foods, including red rice and exquisite honey.


It’s pretty easy to get to, but we’ll worry about that later. This is all a bit new and experimental, but we’re sure its a good idea. Just send an email to and we’ll see what we can do. See you soon near Godawari!


  1. peter olander says:

    Hi. Just came to your website today. I am an old guy but love trail running in US. Am coming back to Nepal in sept. my wife family inDharmasthali. Maybe I can make a couple days for guided run?

    • thehalfhog says:

      Hi Peter, sure you can. Why not send an email in nearer the time with your dates and we can fix something up with Narayan or another.

  2. gavin gregson says:

    Hi, my names Gavin, I’m from Manchester, England. I’m interested in the trail running camp you have, can you email me information on how to book a few days or weeks with you please

  3. Tone pedersen says:


    I would love to come to your place and run. I’m in Kathmandu right now and could arrive tonight or early tomorrow! When does it suit for you?

    All the best

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