Congratulations to Jimi Oostrum and his support team for a magical “kora” of Kathmandu on the trails along the hilltops surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. 39:00:00 was the final completion time… think you can do better?

The route

 ktm valley rim 100 mile run ultra route map

The route as measured with a raw GPS track is 181 km. This includes several out-and-backs searching for the trail, and a mistake of missing the trail over the top of Shivapuri, instead passing to the North on the park jeep road through Nuwakot, which adds substantial distance to the route. Download the route for Google Earth below.

      • Lizzy Hawker says:

        Can you give further details on what “raw GPS track is 181 km” means? I have the longer full loop route via Dhulikel that measured 121.7km only – “raw” GPS imported into Adze. This was taken at probably 10 minute logging intervals by a GarminInReach, so an underestimate. About the same “Dhulikel” route recorded by watch GPS, even minus a section before Chisopani, was measured at 169.02km with 24608 points. I would be surprised if Jimi’s route is 100 miles. Thanks for the clarification!

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