18th February – Race result

Straight to the point:

  1. Ryan Sandes/South Africa/9:54
  2. Aite Tamang/Nepal/10:17
  3. Bed Bahadur Sunuwar/Nepal/10:26

Those are the official results. Please disregard the below previously posted.

  1. Ryan Sandes – 9.45.57 – South Africa
  2. Aite Tamang – 10.17.15 – Nepal
  3. Bed Sunuwar – 10.46.36 – Nepal

Two Nepali finishers in the top three of this 800+ participant (from 25 countries) race. It’s a fabulous for Bed and Aite. They ran their socks off. At the time of writing, Sudip was yet to finish. We at Trail Running Nepal are hugely proud of Nepal’s achievements. Let’s see if the Nepali press will feel the same. More on the Facebook page of Vibram HK 100.

From left to Right QC Director of Vibram China Fredrico Furia, Aite Tamang (1st Runner-up), Ryan Sandes (Winner), Bed Sunuwar (2nd runner up)

hong kong vibram 100 start line 2012 aite tamang bed sunuwar sudip kulung

Aite Tamang, Bed Sunuwar and Sudip Kulung on the start line of the Vibram 100, 2012

17th Feb update

Directly, straightly from Ramesh in Hong – a small, pre-race update! In short all is well!

Greetings and wishes from Sai Kung the northeast part of HK Training Camp in which I am cutoff from the net – there is no service around this area.

Called Nepal yesterday but Nepal Mobile System did not work.

15 FEB
Met Race Director Steve and Janet for the race kit and other necessary briefing. Good couple with good positive advices.
Aite – No 5
Sudip – 6
Bed – 7- Lucky!

Afternoon met Steve from Action Asia and Catherine from Vibram PR Events
Officer and had an intensive interview with them.

Evening went to the Training and Adventure Camp for Route Check and Training.

16 FEB
Met by Steve and Janet for the route check Check point No 1,2 and 3. Ran the last 20K of the finishing point. The boys are satisfactory and happy with the route. Evening back at the Camp and Rest.

17 FEB
This morning went for briefing at the start point and full stretching and exercise. Have given them excellent briefing and explanation with full battery charge.

Subarna Thapa Magar Bhai who has been our HK Coordinator has been an excellent Nepali ambassador in which he has sponsored Adidas Trail Running Shoes, socks, running shorts, Windproof Jackets and all the essential advice and instructions to get the boys ready and tip top condition. Excellent and superb management from him and without his staunch support we would not be here.

Subarna Bhai will join us this evening with the boys and support the team. I will be
mailing the result from the Finish Point.

The morale is very high especially with Aite who had been training very hard in Pokhara.

There was a good coverage of the HK100 in the Sports Section with our Boys Names’ given as strong contender in comparison with a South African Ryan Sandes who is the Gobi Desert, Antarctica, Chile and Sahara Desert Winner. It is his first attempt.

There are 4 serious runners in comparison with our boys. [Ryan plus] the last years 3 winners. The local winner called Stone is injured and will not compete.

OK so far so good, let us be positive tomorrow and keep our fingers crossed.

Ramesh, Hong Kong

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