If you want to do some big training days, or be a tourist in a different way, ask Upendra to guide you on some runs around the Kathmandu Valley. Upendra is currently getting his official guide licence. It is a tedious process requiring six-weeks attendance to classroom-based classes on guiding. Of course he is learning new things which will help him be a better guide, but importantly the guide licence allows him to take clients all over Nepal.

Andrew Barrett from the USA came to Nepal hoping to cover some 160km in 4 days to give a boost to his coming running season. He had this to say about running with Upendra.

“I am at the Kathmandu airport, awaiting my flight out and want to thank you for connecting me with Upendra. As you told me, his English was a little difficult to understand. But he took me on fantastic runs, never repeating the same location.  On successive days we climbed Jamacho, Shivapuri, Champa Devi and Bhasmeswor Danda (same day), and finally Phulchoki. Today, he took me for a running tour of the city itself finishing at Patan Durbar Square.  He was just awesome throughout, this was some spectacular running. If there is a particular place I can post that will help him get more guide opportunities, please let me know.” – Andrew Barrett, USA

And just today, David Bennert reported a “Very exciting Trail run with Upendra” climbing Jamacho near to the city.

Yes, you can go out running on the trails, there’s a map of trails in Kathmandu Valley here, but you’ll be more efficient, not get lost, and enjoy the process more if you hire a guide. For individuals or running groups, for single days, or multiday fastpacking trips, get in touch with us to hire Upendra.

  1. Hannah Storey says:

    I am traveling to Nepal in December, and will be in Kathmandu for a few days, and would like to do a day tour of running.

  2. johanna hamblett says:

    I am arriving in Nepal on the 23rd of May and have 1 week before I partake in a class. In this time Id love to do a few days of running with a guide.

  3. Brett Holloway says:

    I am currently in Nepal for 1 month and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to do a guided run with Upendra if possible! Please let me know if this is possible. Namaste!

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