It’s all over! the first race of the soon to be famous Kathmandu Trail Series is completed.

It started, now it’s finished – see you at the next race everybody!

Posted by Trail Running Nepal on Sunday, 19 February 2017

Just over 190 people registered and 160 of those actually got out of bed to run.

Mira Rai could not be there in person, but was on a cleverly designed lifesize selfie-board.

Mira Rai selfie

Mira Rai selfie

The course proved that entertaining, challenging trails can be found very close to the city. The series aims to hold short Saturday morning trail races on a monthly basis close to public transport stops.


Category results given below under the photos, but the link to the full table you can find here.


There were a few reports of short cutting from the first three participants. This would not affect the result and for this time we let the result stand. In future course design will keep checkpoints in places where a shortcut would be possible.


  • “Thank you very much organiser team for that excellent marking (Manish Tamang) #preeti didi was like ‘cherry on a cake'”
  • “I would like to thank all of you organizer, it was fun and management was excellent….”
  • “Thank you Trail Running Nepal and the team for organizing this amazing run …” – Team Nepal Dynamic Running Club
  • “Thank you too much trail running Nepal, great race! Congrats to the winners and participants!” – Jimi Oostrum


Thanks to the volunteers at the checkpoint and registration. Come join as a volunteer next time!

Selected photos

Anuj left the series to pursue photography projects. He did an awesome job with branding materials including logo and style, posters, flyers, photography and video. More of his work and contact details can be found on his website.

All the photos from Anuj can be found on his Facebook album.

Male Lions 40+

1 192 0:59:35 M DAMODAR BUDHA MAGAR 40+
9 15 1:07:45 M Raj PRADHAN 40+
11 28 1:08:30 M Bhim Bahadur Gurung jee 40+

Male Eagles – 18-39

2 196 1:00:09 M NARAYAN DESAR 18-39
3 193 1:00:29 M RUPLAL BUDHA MAGAR 18-39
4 177 1:04:57 M Mahesh THAPA 18-39

Male Cubs – Under 18

22 131 1:15:06 M Samdup Tamang U18
25 130 1:17:15 M Mangal Singh Tamang U18
41 184 1:34:06 M Regan Shrestha U18

Female Lions

65 137 1:46:57 F Shasa SHRESTHA 40+

Female Eagles 18-39

30 78 1:19:19 F Victoria Louise STEVENS 18-39
36 26 1:30:15 F Sita ACHHAMI 18-39
48 77 1:35:04 F Vivian CASTRO-WOOLDRIDGE 18-39

Female Cubs Under 18

26 191 1:17:56 F Humi BUDHA MAGAR U18
42 82 1:34:25 F Sunita GIRI U18
51 81 1:38:02 F Rama GIRI U18


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