This was a very fun morning. Around 50 children of varying ages lined up – in one very very wide line – to start a one kilometer race. One kilometer but at 3500m/10,000ft of altitude! The participants of the 2013 Manaslu Trail Race lined the course to support the runners. Why the race? “Fun!” says […]

If you want to go trail running in Nepal somewhere a little more remote that the common trekking areas in Nepal, think about the Kanchenjunga trek route. It’s beautiful, of course, but tricky to get to and the trails are generally more difficult than other places. Thanks to Himalayan Map House for providing the map below for […]

This is going to be a lot of fun. A mixture events and activities for pros and beginners alike. Main features are the 50km trail running race, a spectacular downhill mountain biking race, cross country mountain biking race on a loop and a bunch of other things like rock climbing dyno-competition, reverse bungy jump and […]

Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park. 18th January 2014.  Nepal placed 1st and 2nd beating an international field in the 4th Vibram® Hong Kong 100 trail running race held on Saturday 18th January. Tirtha Tamang and Bed Sunuwar of the Nepali Army Team took first and second place in the grueling 100km long Vibram […]

When you think of Nepal, perhaps you see images of the enormous snowy Himalayan peaks, buffalos grazing in fields, small villages with verdant terraced fields. It exists and is beautiful. Behind the mountains however in central Nepal lies Mustang, once known as the Forbidden Kingdom, closed to visitors until 1992. Since then it is open, […]

According to Jamie McGuinness, the trail from Tanggye to Chuksang in Upper Mustang is “Oh wow, one of the best trails anywhere in Nepal!” It starts with a river crossing followed by a direct and unrelenting 1200m climb. What follows is a ridge line with an easy trail that undulates gently but allows you to […]

18th February – Race result Straight to the point: Ryan Sandes/South Africa/9:54 Aite Tamang/Nepal/10:17 Bed Bahadur Sunuwar/Nepal/10:26 Those are the official results. Please disregard the below previously posted. Ryan Sandes – 9.45.57 – South Africa Aite Tamang – 10.17.15 – Nepal Bed Sunuwar – 10.46.36 – Nepal Two Nepali finishers in the top three of […]

Here are three very excited runners who are off to Hong Kong to compete in the Vibram 100km race. I would love to be there to see their faces at the windows as they approach the runway land. They fly tonight, Sunday February 12th, and will spend a week adapting to the climate, walking the […]

Results of the Annapurna Mandala Trail 2011. Don’t forget this race 265 km with +13,060 m of ascent and -14,020 m descent. Sudip Rai (Népal) 32 h 54’38 Marco Gazzola (Suisse) 34 h 24’24 Phu Dorjee Lama Sherpa (Népal) 34 h 27’00 Dawa Sherpa (Népal) 34 h 34’51 Pascal Beaury Sherpa (France) 39 h 03’25 Ngawang Tenji Sherpa (Népal) 39 h 35’05 Marc Debarle (La Réunion) 40 h 09’28 Bruno Poirier (France) […]

This video is all about inspiration. From the beginning, we have images of the best young athlete in the world (at least on his feet in the mountains), which is in itself inspiring, and he is having a head to head with a past grand master (Bruno Brunod) who is telling what it was like […]

For those who like to arm chair trail run the WWW is an increasingly interesting space to explore. As with newspapers, trail running magazines, a relatively new addition to the arm chair traveler in the first place, start becoming available online. Not just accompanying websites, but the magazine itself available for on screen reading and […]