TED and TEDx talks have long been a fabulous resource for the curious and keen to learn. It’s not often though that a talk about running gets a place on the stage.

The book that Christopher McDougall wrote, while at first a little bit American for the Englishman’s pallet, opened my eyes. I part-believed the prevailing thoughts that running was bad for the knees, spongy shoes were necessary (after humans had done without for 1000s of years) and that running was somehow an unnatural thing for humans to be doing. It’s a book very worth reading. Links below.

But here in this video is the author giving a humorous 20 min talk about his take on running and how homio-sapiens, master sweaters, were actually born to run.

Learn more at these websites: http://www.chrismcdougall.com/ and http://borntorun.org/

And if you want to know more about humans and our (your!) fantastic endurance, David Attenborough will tell you all about it.

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