UPDATE: Bishnu got a visa, and is flying to Hong Kong on 02DEC!

It’s nice, we’re filling in the visa application form together. “It’s beautiful,” she says, thumbing through the pages of the passport.  Phunchok from the Himalayan Children’s Foundation is observing, nodding. Bishnu Maya is staying at the home they have with nearly 100 students, many of whom are runners who train regularly in the week, thus a perfect place for Bishnu to be right now – just a week away from a big race.

nepal passport

The passport is a work of art as most seem to be these days. A beautiful and expensive thing – this one cost about $US100 in order to be completed within a week. When thinking she could race in Hong Kong, it was easy to overlook that Bishnu Maya might not have a passport. But the plan for Hong Kong is still on. If tomorrow she gets a wink that the visa will be issued, then she can go to Dragon Air and buy the flight ticket.

bishnu getting nepal passport So tomorrow (Monday 30) is visa day.

[Update: so far at 2pm no good news 🙁 so we keep waiting.]

Regardless of if she gets it or not, it looks good for the next time at least. The support from the Hong Kong end has been great.

Jeri Chua at Race Base has been fantastic coordinating a few of the troops there. Steve Carr and Gone Running signed up to provide great shoes suitable for the courses. The organisation Free to Run, have promised a package of running stuff for Bishnu, include the right pack, bottles etc. Others have offer help at the races, cfrewing and support, which is fabulous.

It’s a big thing to race and not just run, to run hard, to eat and drink enough and properly, to save seconds at aid stations, toilets, obstacles etc. To know the route enough in advance, to listen to your body not to over cook it, and on this course, to save enough for Dogs Tooth, the crazy rocky ridge climb, and subsequent descent, ascent and long descent.

So Bishnu has Thursday and Friday to warm up to that! Around her she has Bed Sunuwar who’s very experienced. And of course Matt Moroz who knows everything about running in Hong Kong. Jeri will be there for the VK too on Saturday.

Wow – it is quite exciting! Just needs a visa.

Should things go well, there is The North Face 100 the following weekend where the 50km or 100km events are open for Bed and Bishnu. Shame they couldn’t make a team. Next time.

OK, tomorrow 10am at the China visa office. If we have good news we’ll report back here.

UPDATE: Still no good news. So while waiting, we went to try archery!

IMG_20151130_123200 IMG_20151130_121339



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