Attending the Bhojpur Trail Race and tour was an eye-opening and fulfilling experience for me.  I was impressed by the local talent that made up half the men’s and women’s podium at the 36 km trail race, beating out other well known nationally accomplished athletes.  The children’s 8 km and 3 km events were equally exciting, showcasing a wealth of present and up and coming talent in this remote, little known area of eastern Nepal.  As a volunteer helping with registration at the start line and timekeeping at the finish line, I was pleased to offer what experience I had to help contribute to the great success of this event.

I also enjoyed the tour very much and highlights for me were the visit to Mira’s home with homecooked dinner by Mira’s mom and the 29 km hike from Bhojpur to Sano Dumma guided by our excellent and attentive local guide Prathiva.  It was also great to see Prathiva take 2nd place at the women’s podium at the 36km two days later.

Above all, it was most valuable for me to experience first-hand the spirit and talent of the people from Sano Dumma.  Living with much less than I am accustomed to, very modest living conditions, simple food, runners running without good condition athletic apparel, sometimes even barefoot, the local athletes still displayed excellent athletic performance and great positive attitude.  The Bhojpur Trail Race is a meaningful event that encourages this positivity and helps to uncover and showcase local talent to a wider national and international stage.

Keilem Ng

Volunteer and Founder/Director of Exchange & Empower

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