Upendra Sunuwar and Arianna Regis atop the AUM …

The second edition of the Annapurna Mountain Ultra trail race (AUM 2014) ended today in Pokhara, with the arrival of the last runners and walkers.

This race, presented by Knights of Wind and designed by Bruno Poirier, was organized by Base Camp with the support of Raidlight.  The AUM in 2014 was led by Pure Gurung  and Fabien Brusson. Marked by Bruno Poirier, the course was 72 km long (2150 m -5450 m).


The symbolic idea of the race was to leave the Himalayan mineral world and the Annapurna Base Camp (4130 m) by touching the snow and moraine of Annapurna Sanctuary, with a prayer flag, cross all strata of Nepalese geology and to get in the tropical atmosphere of Pokhara (840 m) wetting the prayer flag in the waters of Lake Phewa facing the Barahi Temple. And all this in one go!

After five days of acclimatization walk (100 km, 5000 m), the start of the race was held to the Annapurna Base Camp (4130 m). Competitors then joined Pokhara (780 m), at the end of a high-mountain 72 km (2150 m -5450 m), the heart of the Annapurna Sanctuary, feet in snow and surrounded by peaks between 7000 and 8000 m; to Lake Pewa, and its tropical climate through the jungle.

Winner in 2012, the Nepalese Upendra Sunuwar retained his title by improving the record of the event (8 h 18’10).
He beat compatriot Phudorjee Lama Sherpa (8 h 26’44), the British Alfie Pearce-Higgins and French Bruno Poirier (9 h 51’55).

For the ladies, the victory went to Italian Arianna Regis (11 h 33’25) not improving the record set in 2012 by the French Magali Juvenal (10 h 15’00), it significantly outperformed his opponents Nepalese Sumitra Kojo and French Celine Lucak.

The next edition of the Annapurna Mountain Ultra will be held in October 2016.

The ranking of the AUM in 2014

1. Upendra Sunuwar (Nepal) 8 h 18’10.
2. Phudorjee Lama Sherpa (Nepal) 8 h 26’44
3. Alfie Pearce-Higgins (Great Britain) 9 h 51’05.
3. Bruno Poirier (France) 9 h 51’05.
5. Bhupal Gurung (Nepal) 10 h 02’50
6. Bhim Gurung (Nepal) 11 h 04’15
7. Dawa Sherpa (Nepal) 11 h 21’05
7. Christian Didier-Laurent (France) 11 h 21’05
9. Arianna Regis (Italy, first wife) 11 h 33’25
9. Marco Gazzola (Switzerland) 11 h 33’25
11. Fabien Brusson (France) 12 h 42’20
11. Francis Navarette (France) 12 h 42’20
11. Geffard Thierry (France) 12 h 42’20
11. Thibault Geffard (France) 12 h 42’20
15. Deepchan Khaling Rai (Nepal) 14 h 40’20
16. Sumitra Kojo (Nepal, the second wife) 16 h 32’15
17. Hervé Lucak (France) 13 h 23’55
18. Celine Lucak (France, 3rd woman) 13 h 28’20
19. Marc Rathouis (France) 15 h 00’48
20. Caroline Pont (France, 4th woman) 15 h 11’28
20. Damien Chicken (France) 15 h 11’28
22. Charbonnel Philippe (France) 15 h 15’15
23. Jean-Louis Fiorelli (France) 15 h 45’30
24. Christine Fiorelli (France) 15 h 46’48
25. Bruno Moyon (France) stop at Bamboo.

Walkers: Mona Brusson Maéva Brusson, Anne-Françoise Denier, Benjamin Moyon Rozenn Moyon, Gladys Gobale, Samya Charbonnel, Olivier Aucanot.


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