Vibram Hong Kong 100km raceHere are three very excited runners who are off to Hong Kong to compete in the Vibram 100km race. I would love to be there to see their faces at the windows as they approach the runway land.

They fly tonight, Sunday February 12th, and will spend a week adapting to the climate, walking the whole course, and generally resting and preparing for the the big day on the 18th.

(And by the way, please look at our Runners’ Travel Fund page to help these guys get to races like this.)

Today they all assembled at the Summit Hotel* so we could wish them well, and get a few mug shots. Click the photos for bigger faces.

Aite Tamang

Aite Tamang

Aite Tamang trying to keep a straight face

Aite Tamang won the Annapurna 100 race by just two seconds. He is a really nice, humble guy and extremely excited about getting to see the outside world. He says he is “looking forward to meet participants from many other countries and share experiences.” Is he feeling fit? He says his condition is “satisfactory” and he is positive he can do well.

Sudip Kulung

Sudip Kulung trying to keep a straight face

Sudip Kulung keeping a poker face

Here is a poker-faced Sudip, the runner formally known as ‘Rai’. “Where are you going to Sudip?” asks Ramesh. “Hong Kong,” he says breaking into a broad grin. “I’ve heard many good things about Hong Kong. Its a very good place. I am very excited.”

Asked how he thinks he will do? “I am confident I can do well, but I can’t predict the result.” So how has he been training? “I’ve been at my family’s house plowing the fields, and carrying logs for rebuilding. I lay sick in bed for one week with fever. And I spent time with friends – timepass.” And the training? “One to two hours per day, three times per week, up and down,” he adds, as if there was much else other than up and down where he lives in Solu.”I feel stronger than before the Annapurna 100. I’m feeling ok.”

And what about the girls in Hong Kong? Prettier than Nepali girls? In small hysterics, he manages, “first I have to see, then I will find out!”

(“No chance,” adds coach Ramesh under his breath.)

Bed Sunuwar

Bed Sunuwar trying to keep a straight face

Bed Sunuwar trying to keep a straight face

“It’s a golden opportunity to race in a new country. I am really motivated to do well. I am also excited to see the place. It is different to Nepal. I have heard it is very developed,” he expounds with a cheeky grin.

Do you expect to do well? “There is less altitude and the trail condition is very good. So I am confident I can do well,” he says. Compared to the brutal Annapurna 100 course, on which he came third, the Hong Kong 100km course looks very attractive.

Bed’s training was, like Sudip’s, also not ideal. After competing in the Annapurna 100, his colonel at the Tribhuvan Army Club gave him 3 weeks of extra duty for not having his permission, even though he was actually on leave.

So there you go. We wish them all the best of luck in Hong Kong at the Vibram 100!

Runners’ travel fund

And please consider helping these guys fulfill their potential with a small donation to our runners’ travel fund. It’s damn expensive to get to the start line and back! A small donation from a lot of people would help a lot. Read more explanation here, or click that shiny orange button below!

*Roger Henke is Director here.

  1. mark says:

    Hey Guys,

    Great to hear you'll be joining us! Welcome to HK! Can't wait to meet you at the starting line.

    Good luck! Hope you kick some ass!

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