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Team Nepal

Fundraising to get Nepali teams to the
Trail World Championships 2018


TWC 2018 is over

The teams are back from Spain! Three women and four men competed as teams for Nepal. All finished the race. While the result was not an underdog triumph, we can all be proud of their performance as a landmark in Nepal Trail Running!


87.3% Success

The visa application process was not perfect - 4 out of 6 successes, then 5 out of 6... then 4 denied boarding... and finally 5 arrived in Barcelona. 

And 16.7% more...

The second rejected visa application was also challenged, and succeeded! Purna Tamang arrived in Spain on Wednesday morning strengthening the men's team to four men. 

The race is 12th May... click the button below to follow the race progress!

Nepal to the official Trail World Championships

Trail World Championships, May 12th 2018. An 85 km trail race in Spain  - let's have Team Nepal represented!
Fundraising the minimum* possible to get a male and female Nepali team to compete in this competition as a team for the first time! You can donate below.

About the Trail World Chapionships

For this 2018 edition, winners will be awarded the title of Trail World Champion at the 'long' distance for men, women and team. The route is 85.3 km and ↑ 4900m ↓ 3690m.

Entry is open only to runners selected by their national federation or assocation member of the IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners).

Nepal has some world class trail runners. However, they have never been given the chance to run for their country as a team.

The 2018 Trail World Championships taking place in Spain in May will change this, but for this we need your help.

Can we help get Nepal on to the podium!?

Meet the selected athletes below and see if you can help! So far we've raised 20%!

The Nepali team athletes

Samir Tamang

Samir Tamang (Nepal Army). His proudest running moment was coming 2nd in the 119 km TSD race in Chamonix in 2014 (pictured). He's since has won in Australia and Hong Kong.

Tirtha Tamang

Tirtha Tamang (Nepal Army) smiles when he runs. He finished 3rd in Ultraks 2016 and was the winner of the first ever UTWT race, HK 100. He's from Bhojpur where Mira Rai hails from.

Bed Sunuwar

Bed Sunuwar (Nepal Army). Bed is a powerhouse and run's looking like he is giving everything. He's raced in China and also Hong Kong frequently as "Team Nepal" in the Oxfam Trail Walker.

Purna Tamang

Purna Tamang (Nepal Army) is the final link in the team and has placed highly in several races in Hong Kong including blitzing the competitive The North Face 100. These four know each other very well - a great team!

Manikala Rai

Manikala Rai - Now living, working and running races in the French Alps, Manikala has a great running CV and experience to share with Rojina and Chhechee. 

Rojina Bhandari

Rojina Bhandari (Nepal Army and Karnali Sports Club). She won tough, long races in Switzerland in 2017 and is happy in the medium long distance.

Chhechi Sherpa

Chhechee Sherpa won the insane 1600 km Great Himal Race in 2017 in around 45 days, and won the Everest Trail Race too against an international field. Strong over long.

Now what?

The team is registered, visa applications and travel plans are underway, as of course is training... now we need to raise funds! Please contirbute a little to the fund!

Major expenses to fundraise for...
  • Flights - Six people to flight to Barcelona, Spain. (Booked.)
  • Hotels - Four nights in the cheapest Airbnb we can find (booked!), then 3 nights in the super expensive luxury race hotel (paid).
  • Transport - We need to hire a people carrier to get around and for our crew to support during the race. (Booked.)
  • Equipment - We're going to update our shoes, poles and buy "Nepal" team shirts as much as we can.
  • Nutrition - a minor but important cost - gels for the race. (Thanks Overstimms!)

    Check the fundraising spreadsheet here.

€10,549.00 to raise

Yes, it is a lot of money, and hopefully we have a lot of friends. If we're lucky, then 500 people will give €20 each. 

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What a team can achieve with big thighs and friendship! The four guys at Oxfam Trail Walker in Hong Kong

Here's the shirt!


Here's what we've raised so far - and here are ways to easily contribute!

£ and other currencies

£ Great British Pounds Sterling, US$ and other currencies with a card. Try our GoFundMe page in the UK - for us this is the lowest cost way to collect funds.

Euros by bank

€ euros to bank with IBAN is quick and easy -
Bank details are here.


€ euros and even US$ with PayPal - if you have a PayPal account you wish to use in Euros currency then click here!

How much has been donated so far?
100% so far, that's €0 to go!
Thank you so much everybody!

Top sponsors!

Here's people and organisations donating €200 or more.
Thank you.

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Chhechee Sherpa (centre) with Sunmaya Budha and Rashila Tamang.
Sunmaya will get her big chance later this year, and Rashila is still young and building up her experience. 

Thank you!

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