Thanks to a generous sponsor we could invite a number of runners to travel a race on the 1st of August. The monsoon period can be beautiful in different kinds of ways: blue skies, crisp white clouds with clear views to mountains between, or, alternatively, lukewarm cloud meeting mud.  For the 18km race on the 1st August, the latter happened. It was still beautiful, with lush jungle and planted paddy, but required more effort to appreciate with mud squeezing between your toes.

The young runners (5 girls and 3 boys) came from Gorkha, Helambu and Thulo Sirubari in Sindhupalchowk and Langtang and they were super excited to be traveling for a big event like this. We travelled the night before, stayed in a hotel and primed muscles with dal bhat.

The race was sub-organised in many ways to the point of chest number pins being forgotten, but that did not stop these young runners from enjoying the occasion (and the extra kilometres they ran due to the route marking sabotage that went on!)

So a big deal for these young people to be invited to travel out of their village for a running race. They loved it. They’re looking forward to the next event at the end of September. This photo below is from a local newspaper and has Sunita right out in front at the start.

Thanks again to John at Gone Running Hong Kong for sending running equipment such as shoes and running clothes, that’s have been given to these guys to be able to run.


The start of the 18km race in Dhulikhel. Sunita up in front!

thulo sirubari sindhupalchowk runners

Runners from Thulo Sirubari, Sindhupalchowk.  Ram & Bashudev Puri, Sunita Giri. Mahesh Thapa. Rudra Shrestha, Nagendra Puri.

trail running nepal participants

Trail running participants from Gorkha (7) and Helambu (2,4) and Langtang (8,9) with friends and chaperones.

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